Thames Tributary- Tributary stream to the River Roding - Torrell's Hall

Thames Tributary- Tributary stream to the River Roding
The stream rises in this area and flows west towards the Roding. It is joined by another stream from the south.

TL 60 09
Post to the west Dukes Lane 59 09
Post to the south Shellow Bowells 60 10

Shellow Road
Torrell’s Hall. Manor in the parish of Willingale Doe named after the Torrell family who lived here in the 14th century. The Present house dates from the 16th and is believed to overlie a predecessor. This is a very complex building with numerous alterations. The southern block is an addition of c.1800 by John Johnson, in Gault brick. The 16th block has a complete open well staircase,
Moated site south west of the Hall. It includes an island contained in a seasonally water-filled moat. Moats in the 12th were usually built as prestige items rather than defence.
Motte and bailey – possible remains.
Farm buildings at Torrells Hall. Model group of farm buildings in 19th red brick. Three sided courtyard with buildings on all sides except the south side which has a wall. Encloses a stock yard Mid 19th cart shed of red brick.
Windmill Farmhouse. Late 17th timber framed house


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