Thames Tributary Wantz Stream -Dagenham

Thames Tributary Wantz Stream
The Stream runs southwards, partly culverted, toward the Beam River.

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Suburban Dagenham. Just like anywhere else

Post to the north Becontree Heath
Post to the south Heathway

Alibon Road
Richard Alibon Junior School. Built 1927 as Alibon Road School and now has a nature garden
Hunters Hall Primary School built in 1928 as Rockwell Road Schools and re-organised in 1933

Dagenham Little Common
This was in the area now covered by Rockwell Road/ Hunters Hall Road/ Pondfield Road/ Reede Road. In the south it met Dagenham Great Common which then stretched southwards

Frizlands Lane
Frizlands Manor stood at the south end of the lane on the west side. It was a moated manor demolished in 1932. It has been named when it was purchased by the de Fristling family in 1303 and stayed there until 1374. The house was rebuilt in 16th and again in the 19th.

Barking and Dagenham Social Services
Trinity School. Special school.

Holgate Street
Is roughly on the line of Workhouse Lane
Workhouse - the Dagenham Parish Workhouse was probably here from 1787

Hunters Hall Road
Hunters Hall was named in the 16th after the Hallman family but was later renamed after the Hunters and called Hunters Hall by 1779.

Oxblow Lane
This originally ran from Halbutt Lane to Bull Lane, via the Four Wantz
Oxblow Lane Clinic
Oxblow Lane Baptist Church
. Founded 1938
The Beacon. Mock Tudor pub built 1937

Pondfield Park
The planners of the Becontree Estate provided a strip of open space alongside the Fenchurch Street and District Line railway track. This site includes the Pondfields Park and adjacent unused allotments. The land was thought unsuitable for building and was given to the Borough by the London County Council in the 1920s. It originally consisted of two recreation areas which was put together in the 1980s. The northern part was mainly playing fields. It contains one of the largest weeping willows in London
Rainham Road North
Wantz Library and Community Hall
Sterling Industrial Estate. In 1900 the Berliner Telephone Factory of Hanover, bought a factory here from Morris Arming Tube and Ammunition Company in 1910. They were then renamed The Sterling Telephone & Electric Company and made various telephones for industry. The factory eventually covered ten acres. They made phones, switchboards, and electrical and telephone equipment and fittings. After the war they diversified but could not compete with larger companies. In 1926 they sold out to Marconiphone and the factory made Marconi’s valve wireless sets. The complex had its own power station, gasworks, printers, fire station, first aid service, canteens, and recreation hall. They made weaponry and produced the Sterling submachine gun during the Second World War. In the 1970s Ford bought some of the area as an assembly line for the Capri. They became bankrupt in 1988.
W.J.Fraser, chemical engineers. Chemical engineering company

Rogers Road
St.George‘s church. Built in 1935 by Milner and Craze. This is a yellow brick building.

Victoria Road
Dagenham and Redbridge football club ground. The ground dates from 1917 when it was used by the adjacent Sterling works. The ground was improved in the1950s by Dagenham Football Club and later by Redbridge Forest. Eventually the two clubs merged

Wantz Road
Hector Powe. Factory where they manufactured men’s clothing for their own shops. Their suits sold for at £30 in 1960. They had a training unit or school leavers in the factory.
Heathway Industrial Estate
Midas Business Centre
Rediffusion house

Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club. Web site
London Borough of Barking. Web site
Hunters Hall School. Web site
Oxblow Lane Baptist. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. East London
Richard Alibon School. Web site
St. George's. Web site
The Beacon. Web site
Victoria History of Essex. Barking and Dagenham


Dominic said…
Heathway - Trinity School, formerly Bentry School (also a special school). Renamed sometime in the 1990s/2000s.

All the references to "Oxblow Lane" should be "Oxlow Lane"

Again, "Pondfields Park" should be "Pondfield Park"

Dagenham and Redbridge football club ground, now officially "The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Stadium" but better known by its former name of "Victoria Road".
Formerly used by Dagenham Utd. Then shared by them and Redbridge Forest (from 1989?). The two clubs merged as "Dagenham and Redbridge" in 1992 (I think). The team entered the football league for the first time in 2008. The stadium had some recent improvements and expansion in association with the club's promotion into the league.

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