Thames Tributary Beam River - Dagenham marshes

Thames Tributary Beam River
The Beam continues to flow south towards the Thames. It is joined by a connection from the lake formed from Dagenham Breach

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An area of the Ford Works with all the road names called after Ford models

Post to the north Dagenham Country Park
Post to the east Rainham Marshes
Post to the south Hornchurch Marshes

A13 Thames Gateway
This is the Thames Gateway Road, completed in 1999. It has an award-winning viaduct over the Ford works.

Consul Avenue
This is a private road within what used to be the Ford site serving various business parks.
Consuls were Ford cars made in the early 1960s along with the Zephyr range, and later featured a number of models. It was replaced by/evolved into the Cortina.
Thames Foundry site. This lies west of Marsh Way on the north side of Consul Drive. This was a highly mechanised iron foundry with a continuous pouring system rebuilt in the mid 1950s. It was controlled by an Oerlikon Punched Card system. Initially it produced 400 tons of castings a day.

Cortina Drive
Cortina was a Ford car made in its millions 1962-82. Dagenham’s finest!
A private road within what was the Ford estate.
London’s strategic salt reserve
Ford sign – in its own little compound it is designed to be seen from the New Road (ex A13)

Courier Road
Private road in what was the Ford Estate. Couriers were vans based on the Fiesta and produced here.

Fiesta Drive
Fiesta is a Ford car, and some production of its wonderful first model was undertaken in Dagenham.

Marsh Way
Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence. Campus including education and business ‘innovation’ sites.  A training and business centre by Sheppard 2001-3, funded by Ford and local colleges. There is a campus  with a curved plan overlooking a pond, and two eye catching features - a central cedar-clad drum and a bulbous containing lecture theatres.

Thames Avenue
This was the main road into the Ford complex and goes to the river

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