Thames Tributary – tributary stream to the River Roding - Rookwood Hall

Thames Tributary – tributary stream to the River Roding
The stream rises in this area and flows eastwards to the Roding.

TL 56 11
Post to the east - Beauchamp Roding - 57 11
Post to the south - Butthatch - 56 10

Rookwood Hall
Rookwood Hall. This mansion which once dominated the area as home of the Capel family who left in 1700. There had been a park here, but this had disappeared by 1777. The house gradually fell into ruin
Moat and enclosure
Matching Airfield built in the Second World War for the American Air Force. A new concrete road crosses the site and the moat. The officers’ mess site, called 'the water tower site', is adjacent to the west of the hall and has many buildings extant, including a water tower.
A pond south of the moat
Second moated enclosure south of the hall.

Wood End
Wood End Farm. The farm took its name from the wood which was west of it and the name can be traced to 1542. The farm-house is timber-framed with a chimney with six octagonal shafts. The front porch, had a date of 1621.


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