Thames Tributary – Tributary stream to the River Roding - Longbarns

Thames Tributary – Tributary stream to the River Roding
The tributary stream flows east towards the Roding

TL 57 11
Post to the west - Beauchamp Roding - 56 11
Post to the east Rookwood Hall 56 11
Post to the south Beauchamp Roding - 57 10

Dunmow Road
Granite Trade Centre. The Old Corn Barn
The Coopers. Converted pub, thatched, etc.
Barn as part of Coopers. 17th timber framed and weatherboarded.
Wicks Farm, demolished, was beside the Roding
The Room in the Rodings. This is the village hall – converted from a cowshed in the 1920s.
Council Houses

School Lane, Abbess Roding
Longbarns House and Farm. Longbarns was a local manorial name. In 1558 it was granted by the Crown to the then Solicitor General and his descendents became the Earls of Portland and was subsequently owned by local landowners and farmers. In 1943 it was bought by the London Co-operative Society. The Farm buildings comprise an early 19th model farm, plus a 17th timber framed barn with black weatherboard. The 19th buildings are red brick. There are cow and cart sheds, offices and chimney. The farm-house is 16th timber-framed. It was altered in the 19th and used as two houses by the LCS. It is now a B&B.
Sewage works installed by the Air Ministry during the Second World War.

School Lane, Beauchamp Roding


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