River Pinn Ruislip Mill/Farm

River Pinn
The Pinn flows south westwards

Post to the west Breakspear Road

Post to the south West Ruislip Station

Bury Street
Rosebank Villas.  19th houses.
The Old House. This has also been called the White House. This is s 16th timber framed house with an 18th front.
Mill Farm. Gurney and Ewers on site here by 1907 dealing in farm machinery. It was later taken over by EMI and later used by a lighting company.  It is now a gated housing estate
Manor Farm yard.  The farm became part of Kings College Cambridge estate in 1431 and was a working farm until 1933, by which time it had been given to the local authority by Kings College, as part of the deal on Park Wood.  There are 19th stables and pig styes.  A 19th granary on steddle stones was struck by lightning in 1980
Cow Byre. The thatched cow byre was burnt down in 1980. It has been rebuilt as an exhibition space, art gallery and tea shop.
Cow shed. 18th cowshed now used as a guide hut and for other events and meetings.
Great Barn.  Built between 1280 and 1320. It is made of English oak from Ruislip Woods and is an aisled barn, whereby smaller out-shoots run alongside the main supports underneath one main roof. The barns stand within the area of the 11th castle
Motte and Bailey.  castle built by Ernulf de Hesdin. Given to the Abbey of Bec after 1090
Little Barn. This was built in 16th and was used as a public library from 1937.  There is an addition from 1964. Fox weathervane. Raised threshing floor inside and also heraldic glass windows with the arms of Kings College and Middlesex County Council.
Bowling Green, Manor Farm.  On the site of the farm rick yard
Manor Farm Lodge, The 19th lodge at the southern entrance is now a public toilet
Entrance from Bury Street and wall. A number of gravestones are set along the inside of the wall which are thought to mark dogs’ burials

Car park. This is on a site of a previous dovecote.
Duck Pond. Used by horses when the farm was worked.
Pound. This area for keeping stray animals was at the gate of Manor Farm in the High Street
Copwell Meadow. A Manor Farm meadow between the farm and the river on the east side of the road. It is on the flood plain of the River Pinn. This was pastureland where livestock grazed in summer.
Kings Gardens. South of the river on the west side of the road.  These belonged to the Vicar of Ruislip and are named for Kings College.
Vicarage. There has been a vicarage here since the 13th. The present building is 19th
Vicarage Cottage. Built in the 18th as an addition to the vicarages which stood here before the present building
Priests mead. Name of the field on the north west bank of the river. This belonged to Hill Farm.

Church Avenue
This was originally Church Path and cut across the  Ruislip Park House Estate and was used by people walking between Kingsend and the church

Clack Lane
This footpath follows a very old route through an area called Murdon’s Green. It runs from the from the golf club houses, crossing the Pinn and on to what was Old Clack Farm.
Canal Feeder. Crosses it.

Deborah Crescent
Built on the site of the Vicarage Gardens.

Glenhurst Avenue
Canal Feeder runs along the eastern edge of the field from Woodville Gardens and along the backs of the gardens and along the edge of allotments.
Stream. This flows down to the Pinn

Ickenham Road
Fiveways. The date of 1912 is displayed on a concrete plaque but the building is thought to be much older.
White Bear. 18th pub building.  In 1863 it was a Harman's house.
Primrose Hill Farm. This farm was immediately south of the pub and fronted onto Wood Lane.
Kingsend Farm. This was in the junction with Sharpe’s Lane. In the early 20th it was turned into Poplars Sports Field and pleasure grounds - aiming to attract large parties on days out with sports, side shows and teas.  It closed and was demolished in 1929 but the club house remained and was used by the golf club until 1951.
Red Lion. This was also called Byeway Cottage and stood between Byeway House and St. Cloud. In 1842 it was a mounted police station.
Ruislip Conservative Club. The club dates from 1962
The Fairways. Care home in 19th house.
66 Church of the Latter Day Saints

King Edward's Road
Dulcie Domum. One of the earliest houses.

King's End
Kingsend was the name of a  hamlet at the junction of Wood Lane and Sharps Lane. It was ‘Kings End’ in 1550 and ‘Great & Little Kings End’ in 1822.  This was owned by King's College, Cambridge in the 16th.
Orchard Cottage. This is a house weather boarded over a timber-framed core with 20th additions.
Beth Cottage. Modern addition to the older weather board house.

Orchard Close
Hill Farmhouse. Farmhouse and barns.  The back is medieval while the timber-framed front with brick infilling was added in 1700.  There is a large garden with a wooded area with a natural pond and mature specimen trees. There is also said to be a well with a working pump.

Pinn Way
Manor Farm – Ruislip Court. 16th house which replaced priory building probably consisting of just two rooms and a chapel.  From here two monks administered the Abbey Estate.   The house is timber framed infilled with bricks and 18th alterations.  Manor Courts were held here until 1925 and it was a farm until 1932 when Kings College gave it to the local authority.
Winston Churchill Hall. The site of the hall is a field called Barn Close given to the local authority in 1948 by Cllr. Parker in order for it to be used for community use. The hall was built in 1965
Sarsen stones by the gate to the Hall.

Ravenscourt Close
Back gardens appear to have extended over the line of the canal feeder.

Ruislip Golf Course
The Municipal course was opened in 1922 and designed by Sandy Heard
Canal Feeder. Enters the golf course 40 yards from the tee of the fifth hole to the left of the fairway.  It crosses the fifth and sixth fairways at right angles and along the tree line to the right of the sixth.  Once it has crosses Clack Lane it meanders to the northern edge of the tenth fairway and loops back to the teeing area of the eighteenth and crosses the first fairway two hundred yards from the tee.

Sandalwood Drive
The Canal Feeder. Flows into the area alongside a footpath running the between schools and coming from Ladygate Lane.  Here it goes into two large pipes and then emerges again alongside the footpath.  
Stream at the junction with Glover Grove. This is not the canal feeder.

Sharps Lane
74 Old Orchard. 16th timber framed building with modern cladding.
The Orchard. This is sited in what was the Orchard of the Park Esate. In the 1920s it was a cottage selling teas to visitors, called the Orchard Bungalow and consisting of a long low building with a verandah. A second storey was added and it became a hotel, and then a posh restaurant run by an ex-head waiter from Rules. There is also a memorial to Polish airmen who used the pub in the Second World War. It is now a Beefeater Inn chain restaurant.

Southcote Rise
Bishop Winnington-Ingram Church of England Primary School. The first mention of a school in Ruislip is in 1655. A school attached to St Martin's Church dates back to 1812 and in 1862 a permanent building was erected in Eastcote Road. The present school was built on the same site in 1931 but in 1968 school moved to the present site

Whiteheath Avenue
Canal feeder. Runs between Old Clack Farm and the backs of the  houses in the bottom of a 10 foot deep cut. It then runs in undergrowth. It can be seen between the Infant and Junior Schools. In the school ground is a brick bridge over the feeder here with the date 1930 on the south side.
Southcote Farm. This was on the site where the Junior school stands.
Whiteheath Infant and Junior Schools

Woodville Gardens
Canal Feeder. Crosses on an aqueduct built to carry it over the Pinn at the right of the locked gate at the end. Bridge built in 1930

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