River Pinn - Breakspears Road

River Pinn
The Pinn flows south-westwards
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Countryside area on the edge of urban areas with woodland and parks all round

Post to the east Ruislip

Post to the west Harefield - Brackenbury

Breakspear Road South
Three parish boundaries meet at the junction with Tile Kiln Lane
Breakspear Arms. This originated as a beer house as part of a row of cottages and replaced with the present building in 1975. 
Cottages were once sited alongside the Breakspear Arms. One was used as a school. They were demolished in the 1930s.
Brackenbury Moat.  Complete on three sides and once surrounded the house. It is fed by the River Pinn. The outer bank is most prominent on the northern side but the eastern side has been filled during the 20th and straightened
Brackenbury House. The farm is a 16th brick house which was added to in the 17th with a substantial timber framed house, now known as Brackenbury House. Inside is a staircase, rising to the attic and an inglenook.
The Barn at Brackenbury house 16th timber framed and weather boarded.
Crowsnest Farmhouse
. Mid 16th timber framed house with a brick front added in 18th.  Some 16th panelling in an upstairs room.
Ickenham Pumping station

Celandine Route
A walking route along the river Pinn

Clack Lane
Little Clack Mead lies between here and Woodville Gardens
Clack Bridge over Pinn
Sitheclack Mill and mill pond thought to have been in this area in the 13th.

Ickenham Green
Has an area of unimproved grassland.

Ruislip Municipal Golf Club
Opened in 1922 and designed by Sandy Heard

Tile Kiln Lane
Tile making was carried on in the immediate area from the 15th to the 19th.
Old Clack Farm. This is a 16th or earlier timber framed house with exposed square framing. The site was almost certainly in use for tile making in 1586
Barn.  Small weather boarded
Lanterns House. Built by Capt Morris Davies of Old Clack Farm in the 1930s.  Morris recycled items from demolished houses in this and the adjacent buildings.
Woodville Cottage. In the 16th this was a timber framed cottage and another section was added in the 18th. The Woodman family lived here in the 19th. The site was almost certainly in use for tile making in 1586 and the house is on the parish boundary.
Anneville. This was originally called Cavendish and built in 1921, using the bricks of burnt down Ebenezer Cottage.  It was previously a pub called the Prince Albert. The site was almost certainly in use for tile making in 1586.
The Corner. Cottage which is the other side of the boundary and is in Ickenham Parish
The Paddocks. Built around 1920 and including much material from Erith Castle, Kent. It seems to be one of the original hamlet houses.

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