River Pinns Swakeleys Roundabout

River  Pinn
The Pinn flows southwards

Post to the west Willowbank

Major route from London to Oxford

Celandine Route
Walk along the Pinn

Common Plantation
Area of woodland dominated by pedunculate oak, sycamore and ash. Damp areas support grey, crack and goat willows and the woodland floors are dominated by bramble.

Park Wood
This lies to the east of the River Pinn and is believed to be a remnant of ancient woodland. The canopy is fairly open and unusually, dominated by ash and wych elm. The River Pinn flows through the wood and dense shade has limited the aquatic flora.

Swakeleys Road
Swakeleys Roundabout

Warren Road
Vyners School. This opened as Vyners Grammar School in 1960, later becoming a comprehensive. It is named after Sir Robert Vyner, a former Lord Mayor of London who lived at Swakeleys House at one time

Water Tower Close
A water tower .built in 1906, resembling a church tower,

Weatherleys Covert
Open fields

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London Borough of Hillingdon. Web site
SABRE Roaders Digest. Web site
Vyners School. Web site.


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