River Pinn Eastcote

River Pinn
The Pinn flows westwards

Upmarket area with big house estates and posh infill and some churcheds

Post to the east Harrow Garden Village

Post to the south Eastcote

Post to the west Eastcote Haydon Hall

Bridle Road
The eastern end of the road, east of Cheney Street, was also called Cheney Street. It was called Bridle Path when it was designated as such in the 1806 Enclosure settlement.  There were no houses here until1912
St Lawrence Eastcote. The parish church was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson and built in 1933. It is a red brick building set in its own grounds with a small Garden of Rest.
St Lawrence Vicarage. This was built in 1937
Scout Hut in woodland behind the church. This is for the 4th Eastcote (St Lawrence) Scout Group
St Lawrence bungalow. This next to the church, and was originally the parsonage. In the 1990s it was developed as a parish office.
St Lawrence Church Hall. This is adjacent to the church and provides meeting rooms and facilities
St Andrew's United Reformed Church. This was originally a Presbyterian Church and served a congregation of Scottish descent in the Eastcote and Pinner area. In 1972 they became part of the United Reformed Church.  Plans for a church had begun in 1937 and opened in 1939 then damaged by a landmine in 1940. The John Greer Hall and other buildings were opened in 1963.
Missouri Court. Accommodation for elderly built around a house built by T.E.Nash in the 1930s.

Cannonbury Avenue
Cannon Lane School opened in 1934 Cannon Lane Junior School was previously known as Cannon Lane Middle School. The school was reorganised when the London Borough of Harrow adopted a comprehensive system and, an additional wing was added in 1974. Since 2010 it is again a junior school
Croft Open Space. Recreation and sports ground, part of the area of Harrow Garden Village.

Cheney Street
Hornend Farm The house has a Victorian appearance although it is timber framed. The older part is 1600, refaced with mock half-timbering and roughcast. From  1910 it belonged to the Phillips family who produced atlases.
High Trees. This was previously known as Fyvie and built in 1904 by Thomas Elkington using his own bricks.
Brickworks- owned by Thomas Elkington 1896-1904.
9 Cheney Farm. The farm house dates to around 1658 and maybe older with a later back extensiob. This was the date taken from a wooden beam in one of the old barns.  Daniel Long was the farmer from 1832.

Horns End Place
Built on what were the grounds of Hornend Farm.

Eastcote Road
The Towers. This stood in the triangle junction with West End Road. Arthur Marshall, the occupant, was Chair of Pinner Gas Works, slightly to the north.

St.Ursula's Grove
A rare saint to be used in a street name.

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