Thames Tributary. The Rye

Thames Tributary. The Rye
The Rye continues to flow south toward the River Mole

Post to the east Leatherhead
Post to the south Pachesham
Post to the west Woodlands Park

Oaklawn Road
Pylons. The line in this area was an experimental line built for the Central Electricity Research Laboratories.
Dorincourt. Ronsons. In 1918 Louis V Aronson patented the action for a cigarette lighter in the USA and made the first pocket lighter with the trade name 'Ronson'. J Liddiatt imported then and moved to Dorincourt. During World War II the company made incendiary bomb fuses, bomber gearbox parts, tension rods for aircraft and parts for guns here and built workshops in the grounds of Dorincourt. In 1952 they moved to Randalls Road, selling Dorincourt to Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for the Disabled.
Queen Elizabeth’s foundation. In 1932, Georgiana Buller, Chairman of the Central Council for the Care of Cripples, suggested a residential training college for disabled people. In 1933, the late Queen Mother, supported this and the training of disabled people for employment in either commerce. The College opened in 1934, as the ‘Cripples’ Training College’ but in 1941 Queen Elizabeth asked for the name to be changed to Queen Elizabeth’s Training College for the Disabled. Dorincourt provides specialist training for your people entering adulthood but also has a distinguished history in manufacturing specialist objects – particularly ceramics
Tyrwhitt house. Combat stress. Service related mental health issues centre

Rowhurst Avenue
Rowhurst Forge. This business was started in the 1930s, Rowhurst Forge was established after the Second World War. Richard Quinnell is a major player in the revival of the blacksmith's art and is a consultant on the ornamental metalwork. The company works mainly in iron but also steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel and aluminium.
Fire and Iron Gallery. In the outbuildings of a farmhouse built 1450. The gallery displays the work of artist blacksmith


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