Thames Tributary The Rye - Lower Ashtead

Thames Tributary The Rye
The Rye continues to flow south west towards the River

Post to the west Leatherhead
Post to the north Ashstead Common
Post to the south Lower Ashtead
Post to the east Ashtead

Barnett Wood Lane
216-218 said to be Brickfield Cottages built for the Church Road Brickworks,
Tall cast-iron sewer vent pipe one of an ornate series with spiral decoration and a decorated section below the slotted outlet at the top.
Woodman Public House
St.George’s Church designed by Blomfield and built in 1905 in simple brick
Barnet Wood Infant School
War memorial
Ashstead Baptist Church
built 1895

Church Road
Brickworks, G P Sparrow operated a brickworks here 1880-1909, when he sold the site for housing.
Hall built by George Baker 1905 as a cinema and in 1911 used as a roller skating rink.

Links Road
Tall cast-iron sewer vent pipe

Oakhill Road/Green Lane
Green Lane Brickworks. In 1896 J. L. P. Sanderson bought 30 acres and built kilns. He went bankrupt in 1898 but remained as manager to the new owner, M. N. Inman who made bricks here until 1912.

The Chase
The Floral Bungalow. Landscaped clay pit. In 1918 Weller's Rose Garden bought the site of the Green Lane brickworks, landscaped the clay pit and opened it as a swimming pool. This is called 'The Floral Pool' and continued until 1959. The flooded pit remains in the garden, behind a brick wall on the roadside.

Woodfield Close
The Rosary Leather Works, known locally as 'The Skin Factory', was owned by Swabey & Saunders. The works operated between 1911 and 1922 and had its own gas-making plant,

This section has been very dependent on Peter Tarplee’s ‘Industrial History of the Mole Valley District’ – without which I would know nothing!


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