Thames Tributary River Mole - Convent Lane

Thames Tributary River Mole
The Mole continues to flow north

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Rural area north of Cobham with institutions on old estate areas

Post to the west Old Common
Post to the south Painshill

Convent Lane

Beards Hill
Burwood House used by Blue Belles Nursery and Notre Dame Preparatory and Senior Schools. A Foundation of the Company of Mary Our Lady. Founded in Bordeaux in 1607 by Jeanne de Lestonnac – middle class French lady who joined the church when widowed and did a lot of surprisingly effective good works. Late 18th house in yellow stock brick. On the first floor relief
panel of "Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs” above that are some battlements

Seven Hills Estate
Walton Firs Scout Camp. In the 1930s Walton Firs was a private golf club. The old wooden bungalow, now the Service Team quarters, was the club house. In 1936 “Scottie Robertson", a Scout, discovered the abandoned site and arranged for it to be used for weekend camps. It was then purchased by the Scout Association with help from Colonel Walton. During the Second World War, a Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft Battery was stationed here. Lady Baden-Powell opened the site in 1943 but the commemorative oak tree was destroyed in the hurricane of 1987. Many new buildings and facilities were added and in 2008 became an independent trust

Seven Hills Road

Notre Dame School. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. Surrey
Walton Firs Activity Centre. Web site



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