Thames Tributary The Rye - Leatherhead

Thames Tributary The Rye
The Rye flows south west towards the River Mole

Post to the north Malden Rushett
Post to the west Oaklawn Road
Post to the east Lower Ashtead
Post to the south Leatherhead industrial rail side

Kingston Road
This was once called Bradmere Lane
B&Q. Previously car service station, air raid shelters in the banks behind
Golf Club House at the back of the current B & Q,
West Hill School. A Special school with science status

Oxshott Road
Woodbridge Brickworks. In the woods to the rear of the Tesco Store. This was a 19th brickfield and some flooded pits remain.

Once again this section would have been impossible without Peter Tarp lee’s ‘Industrial History of the Mole Valley.


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