Thames Tributary River Mole - Fairmile

Thames Tributary River Mole
The Mole flows south east and then turns north east

Post to the west Burhill
Post to the north Hersham
Post to the east Esher Common

Portsmouth Road
American International Community School. Takes children of all ages and offers an American curriculum. Although it is in effect yet another posh private school. It includes: Early Childhood village; Lower, Middle, and High School buildings; gym, dining room and dormitories. Interactive Learning Centre and sports facilities
On the site of ‘Heywood; which was said to be a manor held by a family of that name in 1206 - the earliest mention of the manor of Heywood at Cobham is of ‘Heiwude’ and talk of the "the rabbit warren on Heiwudeland". In the late 18th the estate was called the Hermitage and belonged to John Campbell, The house was rebuilt in 1804 by Dr William Anderson who sold it to Prince Leopold, widower of Princess Charlotte. He sort of married someone else, Eve Karoline, and she moved here with her mother who didn’t like it and he went to become King of Belgium and she cleared off. In the Second World War it was used by the Fairmile Marine Company, manufacturer of torpedo boats. It was acquired by ACS International Schools in 1975.
Air raid shelter near the mansion,
Blackbird Cottage build for the chauffeur
Bluebird Cottage built for the head gardener
Long Cottage built for estate workers
Greenhouse was part of a walled kitchen garden
Farm area originally had stables, chaff house, carpenter's shop, barn, hen house, cattle shed, cow houses, piggeries, laundry and pond with boat house'. It is now site of various additional school buildings.


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