River Ash - Wheatley's Ait

River Ash
Flows eastwards to meet the Thames via a weir at Wheatley’s Ait at the end of a The Creek.

This post shows sites on the north of the river only on this square. The square for the south bank is Walton Waterside

Post to the west Lower Halliford
Post to the south Walton Sunbury Lock and Sunbury riverside

Fordbridge Road
Sunbury Depot. Environment Agency Riverside Works. This is mainly on Wheatley’s Ait
Conservancy Cottage. Built by Thames Conservancy in the 19th. Demolished around 2015. New housing is now on the site called Velare

Wheatley’s Ait
This was once called Scotland Eyot and is a long island (of which the western upstream part is in this square) is Accessed by a bridge from the mainland. A storm weir separates the downstream section from the upstream residential area and is accessed by footbridge from the road, The Creek, on the northern bank. A controlled weir, Tumbling Bay, in the south marks the start of a shallow creek. The River Ash emerges into this area.
This island contains housing and part of the Environment Agency site. This includes an island site with a dry dock.

Environment Agency. Web site
LOSRA Web site
Spelthorne Council. Web site


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