River Ash Queen Mary Reservoir

River Ash
The Ash flows southwards and is diverted around the west side of the Queen Mary reservoir

Post to the north Ashford
Post to the south Queen Mary Reservoir

Ashford Road
The White House recycling depot
Scout Hall for the 4th Ashford Scouts
Electricity Grid Sub Station

Fordbridge Road
Ashford Manor Golf Course. In 1898 Ashford and Staines played golf on Staines Moor. In 1902 the "New Manor Golf Club Ashford Company" was set up and the estate was bought from property developers. The original Ashford Manor house and grounds formed the home of the Club and this continues. The club prospered and improvements were made to the club house
Fordbridge Park.  Local authority park with various facilities

Queen Mary Reservoir
This is an operational reservoir. It is a large open body of water used for recreational activities, with a baffle approximately 1kmn long that runs south west two thirds of the way across the reservoir. It acts as a breakwater, aids circulation and reduces wave action on the eastern bank. Two baffles were originally planned, but plans were changed when work resumed in the 1920s.   The reservoir has been dredged for sand and gravel. It was inaugurated by George V and Queen Mary in 1924 having been started in 1914 and the stopped because of the Great War in 1916 and then restarted. The final contractor was Pearson. Construction involved nearly 2,000 men, two power houses and a railway. In the Second World War it was partly used as a pre- D.Day vehicle reserve depot.
The site is designated a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.

Ashford Manor Golf Club. Web site
Metropolitan Water Board. Fifty years review 1903-1953

Osborne. Defending London
Spelthorne Council. Web site
Surrey County Council. Web site


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