River Ash Shepperton Studios

River Ash
The River Ash flows south eastwards

Post to the north Queen Mary Reservoir
Post to the east Littleton
Post to the west Laleham

Laleham Road
Littleton Recreation Ground.  The usual variety of facilities.

River Ash
A length of the river is in the studio are and has been used by film makers – it was the river in 'Sanders of the River' made by Korda’s British Lion in 1946

Shepperton Studios
Littleton House. This house was built by Thomas Wood ranger of Hampton Court in 1689  and used as as his family home until the 19th.  It was and burnt down in 1874, also destroying a painting by William Hogarth. Following a fire the house was restored by Sir Richard Burbridge Managing Director of Harrods. He used timber from the original Palace of Westminster for a small replacement. This was divided in the 20th into a staggered terraced estate and the front studios of Shepperton Studios
Shepperton Film Studios are based round Littleton Park which Norman Loudon purchased in 1931 for his film company, Flicker Productions, and it became, Sound Film Producing & Recording Studios. Thus had seven sound stages, twelve cutting rooms, three viewing theatres, scene docks and workshops, and the old house provided hotel and restaurant facilities.  In the Second World War the studio was used by the government to store sugar storage and studio technicians made decoy and later the Ministry of Aircraft Production made Vickers Wellington parts here. In 1945, it was taken over by Alexander Korda and British Lion Studios. The Third Man was filmed here in 1949 but British Lion went into receivership in the 1960s and then British Lion Films, was formed and the studio became known as a place for strong independent film makers. Later the Boulting brothers took the studios over. In the next decades production was erratic despite some famous and successful films made there and by the late 1970s reached a very low point. It was decided to sell some of the land for housing. In 1984, the studios were taken over by the Lee brothers and then by Bankers Warbug Pincus who filmed TV shows here as well as major films. In 1995, the studios were purchased by a consortium headed by Ridley and Tony Scott, and they renovated the studios and the grounds. In 2001 they became part of the Pinewood Studios Group. The Studio has 15 stages various sizes and two back lots. In 2008 the new Gainsborough Building opened (Gainsborough were a London based studio) and workshops and open plan offices for film and TV made available for media companies

Squires Bridge Road
Squires Bridge – this dates from 1903

Studios Road
Runs between the studio walls and the embankment of Queen Mary Reservoir. It leads to housing in streets which once belonged to the area of the studio and which are named for elements here ‘Korda Close’ ‘Lion Close’ and so on

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