River Ash Lower Halliford

River Ash
The Ash flows eastwards

Post to the west Shepperton
Post to the east Wheatley's Ait and Walton Waterside
Post to the south Walton Bridge and Walton Bridge Road

Beasley’s Ait Lane
Sunbury Riding School
Heath Works

Felix Lane
The Ashmere Club – fishery in old gravel extraction site
Shepperton Marina. The marina opened in the 1980s and has three basins, all of them old gravel extraction sites
Swan Sanctuary. Founded by Dorothy Beeson who began swan welfare in her back garden in the early 1980s. She sold her house to set up the first national sanctuary in Egham. It became clear that a larger site was needed with security of tenure and finally found a, a new home in Shepperton on an old gravel extraction site.
Holiday Inn Hotel.

Fordbridge Road
Watersplash Farm, new gravel extraction site planned here. The farm buildings have a huge BAFTA  mask on the wall looking out towards the road. This is the home of a number of theatrical companies.
Park Homes site.  Site of ‘holiday homes’ with the Ash running through the site
Longwood Business Park. Commercial and trading area

Gaston Bridge Road
Cuckoo Pound, recreational area

Halliford Road
Halliford Manor. 18th house which is not thought to be anything to do with the actual manor of Halliford. The outside is 19th
Clock House – now known as Halliford Manor House. Large 18th house
Clock Cottage. This is an 18th cottage which was originally the Coach House for Halliford Manor. The clock is dated 1744. The, 17th barns were demolished in the 1950s

Middlesex County Council. History of Middlesex
Shepperton Marina. Web site
Spelthorne Council. Web site
Swan Sanctuary. Web site
Walford. Village London


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