River Crane - Hospital Bridge

River Crane
The Crane flows eastwards

Post to the west Butts Farm
Post to the east Fulwell

Churchfields Avenue
Hanworth Methodist Church

Crane Park

Hospital Bridge Road
Hospital Bridge over the Crane. This was once called Whitton Bridge. It may have taken its name from the hospital attached to James II's military camp the heath.
St Augustine of Canterbury Church. Opened in 1958
Wind Mill – this stood at the junction of what is now Percy Road possibly as early as the 14th. A mill was there in the 17th but had gone by 1743.

Percy Road
Heathfield Library. This was opened in the early 1960s and closed 2011

Staines Road
According to the Kingston Zodiac this outlines Taurus’ rump – and points out that armies marched down it putting it on the warlike Ram.
Twickenham Golf Course

Twickenham Road
Site of Glebe Farm – which William Whitley bought in order to grow produce to sell in his Westbourne Park store
Glebe Cottages. Houses for labourers at Glebe Farm
David Lloyd Hampton, commercial sports complex.

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