River Crane Hanworth Road

River Crane and Mill Stream
River Crane and Mill Stream flow south eastwards parallel to each other

Post to the west Feltham
Post to the south Butts Farm

Crane Park
Pevensey Road Nature Reserve. This is the area to the west of Hanworth Road and partly covers the site of the old Feltham UDC Sewage Works. It site is dedicated to the memory of a naturalist, Peter Cribb
Crane Park east of Hanworth Road. This is part of the linear park which eventually reaches Twickenham and the Thames.
Outdoor classroom. In the park close to Hanworth Road

Edgar Road
191 Hounslow Heath Estate Community Association

Feltham Marshalling Yard
Feltham Marshalling Yard. This was a railway marshalling yard designed to administer freight to and from south west London opened in 1900 by The London and South Western Railway. It closed in 1969.  The site is completely wild
Feltham Cavalry Tunnel. This is an unlit tunnel which runs for 750 yards under the site of Feltham Marshalling Yards.  It runs adjacent to the rerouted River Crane and it has been argued it was built to provide relief against flooding and records of this are in the rail company engineers reports.  It is connected in a straight line to the railway tunnel which allowed the River Crane to go under the main railway line when it was built.  It is however also believed that this was to provide a pedestrian route across the rail yard and/or access to the heath for cavalry from the barracks.

Godfrey Way
Circular earthwork. This has been described as a ring-ditch 200 feet in diameter which may have been a prehistoric enclosure.  Sited on a prominence overlooking the river, it has been suggested that this was some sort of fort or monument.
Royal Mail Jubilee Centre. Large mail sorting centre built in the late 1990s.

Hanworth Road
Bridge over the River Crane
Hounslow Cemetery. The Cemetery was opened in 1869 by Hounslow Burial Board and there were extensions in the 1920s. There are two chapels with a Porte Cochere. . There is a chapel. It has the Second World War graves of service men from New Zealand.   There are also graves of a number of fairground operators.  It is now actually sited in the London Borough of Richmond.
672 Duke of York. Pub
Rail Bridge

Hounslow Road
South West Middlesex Crematorium. In 1945 a Joint Board was formed made up of local authorities - Twickenham, Heston, and Isleworth, Feltham, Sunbury, Hayes and Harlington, Staines and Yiewsley and Southall. A Private Bill was put to Parliament and a sports ground site belonging to the Middlesex County Council and in private ownership was selected. John Denman of Denman & Son architects drew up plans.  The crematorium opened in 1954 with two chapels, offices and a tower which hid the chimney and included the Remembrance Hall and a board room on the first floor. behind this was the transfer chamber, two Askam Gibbons gas cremators and staff room. There was also a house for the superintendent. It was opened by the President of the Cremation Society, Lord Horder. The facility has been extended since with another chapel and a large car park. Sculpture includes pelicans on rhea gate piers and St. Michael is slaying the Dragon on the side of the Ogden chapel. The gardens have been enlarged and there is a North Garden, a Wild Garden, a Rose Garden and a main lawn.

Millfield Road
Mill Farm.  This was R.J.Coley's scrap yard specialising, post Second World War, in aeroplane scrap. Famous, apparently. Closed in 1972
Mill Farm Business Park. This is 21 brick in a light industrial and trading area

The Millstream re-joins the River Crane in Crane Park to the north of Crane Island.  There is a cascade as it descends to join the main river

Powder Mill Lane
Free Grace Baptist Church. The building was opened by the Salvation Army in 1938.

Rail Line
Feltham Junction

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