Mymshall Brook Dancers Hill

Mymshall Brook
The Mymshall Brook flows northwards

Post to the south Knightsland
Post to the west Dyrham Park Farm
Post to the north Mimms Wash
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Interesting area as the old main road to Holyhead and its various by passes climb out of the metropolitan area. Plus some big houses.

Dancers Hill Road
This is referred to as Ryverstrete Lane in 1479, Reeves Street in 1604. Green Dragon Lane in 1750 and afterwards as Dancers Hill Road

Dancers Lane
Pre-Telford Holyhead Road goes through the village. This was once part of Wash Lane to the north, and its junction with Dancers Hill Road called Cuckolds Corner. 
Dancers Hill House. Built.1750-60. and remodelled since. Built for Charles Ross in stuccoed brick. There is a ground floor conservatory in the front. The grounds were laid out in the 18th with an avenue to the north.
Grotto. Late 18th and built of flint and limestone dry rubble. It is an irregularly shaped mound with many small openings. It is next to a small pond north east of the house.
Dancers Hill Farm. This is an L-shaped stuccoed house

Laurel Lodge Lane
Laurel Lodge. The original house was once called Wicks Place in 1708 owned by John Nicholl of Hendon Hall. In 1808 it was renamed as Laurel Cottage by Henry Heyman, and later the Trotters of Dyrham Park, who called it Laurel Lodge. It housed soldiers during the Second World War and was demolished in the late 1950s

St.Alban's Road
This was the Telford built replacement for Holyhead Road
Road Bridge.  Built in 1826, probably as part of Telford's road. It is brick with a 19th cast-iron plaque put up by County of Middlesex warning against use of "Locomotive Traction Engines and other ponderous Carriages".

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