Thames Tributary – River Roding - Woodford Bridge

Thames Tributary – River Roding
The Roding flows generally south

Post to the north Roding Valley
Post to the east Woodford Bridge
Post to the south Charlie Browns
Post to the west Woodford Green

Chigwell Road
Broadmead Baptist Church. A Baptist mission was set up here in a sports pavilion in 1948 and a wooden church built in 1957. The current church has a polygonal roof and glazed lantern designed by Denis Hull, Sunday School Superintendent. The frontage has pink-painted, cast-concrete abstract reliefs done by Denis Hull in the 1960s and shows Biblical history from the Creation to the Second Coming. The curved concrete wall guides visitors towards the entrance. The church was opened in 1969 but badly flooded in 2000 and since restored.
Church hall at the back. Very plain

Finchingfield Road
Playing field

Ray Lodge Road
Ray Lodge was built in 1793 for George Wright son of the owner of. Ray House. The lodge has disappeared but the name of Ray Lodge is preserved here.
United Reform Church. A chapel was built in Globe Road 1865 by Congregationalists. After a new church was built in 1900 the chapel, which remained in use as a mission-room and was eventually bought by the New Apostolic church. The institute was built in 1920. It is now part of Ray Lodge United Reformed Church and also the Seventh Day Adventist church
Flats which are part of Ray Lodge Refurbishment Project with a ceramic mural on the end wall.

Snakes Lane East
Medieval road from Woodford Bridge into Chingford, was Sakes Lane, corrupted
Ray Park. This includes the James Leal Centre designed by Sarah Wigglesworth and providing facilities in the park. There is also a sports area and a children’s play area. The park was designed in the early 20th and includes cedar, sycamore, horse chestnut, lime and oak trees,
Artificial slate factory was set up in the grounds from 1770 -1811, by Sir James Wright who owned the estate. He used Italian techniques of manufacture from clay.
St Barnabas. Built in 1910-11 on land given by Lady Anne Charteris by Edwin T. Dunn in red brick, Laurence King added the façade to what was an incomplete church in 1963-4. War Memorial.
Chigwell and Woodford Bridge Gas Co. opened 1863. Became the Chigwell Loughton and Woodford Company in 1873, and taken over by the Gas Light and Coke Company in 1912. I was all manually operated. He work closed in 1912 but a holder remains as does the perimeter brick wall.
Ray Lodge Primary Schools. Built in1904 by Woodford School Board. Ray Lodge Primary School, There is a mural on the building showing the solar system. The site include Ray Lodge children’s centre
Jubilee Parade
Railway tavern Football ground
Church Court on the site of Gothic Congregational Church dating from 1900.


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