Riverside west of the 'Tower, south bank. Windsor Black Potts

Riverside west of the 'Tower, south bank. Windsor Black Potts

This posting cover sites south of the river only. North of the river is Agar's Plough

Post to the south Windsor sports and the castle and Datchet Mead

This posting covers a small slip of land at the northern end of the Windsor Home Park public recreation area.

Black Potts Ait
Black Potts Ait is an island in the Thames. It is a tree-covered triangle now at the mouth of the Jubilee River. It was a favourite area for fishing for in the late 17th and some sort of building was provided for Charles II to use here in this context.

River Bank
Black Potts Railway bridge. This carries the railway from Waterloo to Windsor. It is has four seventy feet spans and is supported in the middle by Black Potts Ait. Originally the bridge had ornate cast-iron ribs, but these corroded and were replaced with more wrought iron, which radically altered the bridge's appearance. Before it opened there was a race between the Great Western and South Western railway companies to be the first to complete a rail line to Windsor. The South Western had almost finished, and had announced the opening it when due to settlement on the piers. a girder snapped at Black Potts bridge. This delayed the completion by four months. So the Great Western got to Windsor first.

Romney Island
Romney Island is an island in the Thames downstream of Romney Lock. It is a long thin island with trees and scrub.  It appears to be cut from the main land by an artificial cut which turning it into an island. This is thought to have begun as the intake for the "King's Engine" invented by Sir Samuel Moreland in 1681 to pump water up to the castle.   It is a popular island for fishing

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