Riverside west of the Tower and south bank. Egham/Staines The Hythe

Riverside west of the Tower and south bank. Egham/Staines The Hythe

This posting covers only sites south of the river. North of the River is Staines

Post to the south Thorpe Hay Meadow and Staines Penton Road
Post to the East Staines
Post to the west Lammas Lands and Egham Hythe
Post to the north Staines Moor

The main road is a raised road possibly dating from Roman times. There are 13th century records of a packhorse route here, and of a defence against flooding.  This squares covers only the first few yards from Staines Bridge
Sainsburys – the site on the corner of Thorpe Road was the Lagonda Factory – most of which was in the square to the west
Ironbanks House – this was on the other side of Thorpe Road = maybe on the site of Pine Trees. It was a house used as a drawing office by Lagonda during the Second World War.

Chertsey Lane
There appear to be two Chertsey Lanes here.  One is the stretch of the A320 road between the Staines Bridge roundabout and just before the railway bridge, was not originally part of Chertsey Lane but dates from 1937. The other Chertsey Lane is the stretch of older road which runs from The Hythe to join the A 320 just before the railway bridge.
Pine Trees trading estate – built on the site of a large factory area
2 Pine Trees. UKAS UK Accreditation Service. From 1966 The British Calibration Service approved measurements and became part of the National Physical Laboratory in the 1970s. 1n 1981 the National Testing Laboratory Accreditation Scheme was set up to approve laboratories. Both bodies merged into the National Measurement Accreditation Service and in 1995 they merged with the National Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies to form UKAS – and other organisations have merged with them since.
4 Pine Trees BUPA.  This is one of two main BUPA contact centres. BUPA is an international but British based private healthcare group. It was originally the British United Provident Association established in 1947 when 17 British provident associations joined together.
Wapshott Farm – the farm house stood on the west side of Chertsey Lane immediately south of the railway

Farmers Road
The Jolly Farmer Pub. This is said to date from the 17th & 18th

Hythe grew up as a settlement at the south end of Staines Bridge and was included in the town. The name means wharf or landing place. There is evidence of a Roman settlement here and it is mentioned as a port in the Charter of Chertsey Abbey from the 12th. In 993 Olaf Tryggvason of Norway wintered here with Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark.
Coal post on the traffic island
Post Box.  George V wall post box
Old Bridge Cottage. This was built around 1791 as part of a toll-house on the site of an earlier Swan Inn. When a new bridge was opened in 1832 it was no longer used and was sold as housing
23 & 24 there are three fire marks on the front wall.
22 – 20 built in 1640 with some original features
17 fire mark on the front wall
Anne Boleyn Hotel. Some of the building dates from the 16th. It is said Anne Boleyn sometime stayed at Staines. The hotel was previously called Ye Olde Bridge House. . The east side of the hotel is 17th and was once a pub called “The Young Elizabeth”.
Swan Inn. This originally dated from the 15th and was on the site of the current Old Bridge cottage. It was demolished in the late 18th when a new bridge was built.
Swan Hotel. After 1791 this new Swan Inn was built upstream of its predecessor. Swan Upping dates to the 12th when The Crown claimed ownership of all mute swans. The swans are marked in the third week of July each year by the Queen's Swan Marker, the Royal Swan Uppers and the Swan Uppers of the Vintners' and Dyers' livery companies who arrive dressed in traditional uniforms in six Thames rowing skiffs. They mark the swans, check their health and record all their findings. They then stop at The Swan Hotel on the second day for lunch. The main entrance is topped by a life-size sculpture of a white swan
Coal Duty Boundary Post at the top of the pathway leading to the boatyard.
Old Bridge House. Now offices for K2 an American company supplying devoices for spine
W.E.Sykes. Sykes established his gear-shaper cutters business here in 1927 on a riverside site. Also at Hythe End House.  The firm later moved to Manor Works in Staines and eventually became the 600 Group.

Riverside Drive
Staines Boat Club. The club dates from the 1850s and have taken part in regattas ever since.  The boathouse burnt down in 1950 and the club lost it entire fleet of boats. In fund raising the income was greater than expected and allowed them by the site from the Strodes College Trustees. They are again fund raising for a replacement boat house.

Thorpe Road
Hitachi Capital. A financial services company which is are a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Capital Corporation, a Japanese non-bank financial institution. It was established to provide financial solutions to manufacturers.

Wapshott Road
This was named for Wapshott Farm

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