Riverside - south bank, west of the Tower. Runnymede Pleasure Grounds

Riverside - south bank, west of the Tower.  Runnymede Pleasure Grounds

This post covers only sites to the south of the river. North of the river is Ankerwycke

Post to the east Runnymede Bell Weir and Wraysbury
Post to the west Runnymede Magna Carta

Coopers Hill
Much of Coopers Hill – including the monuments is on squares to the south and west. Land on Coopers Hill was owned in 1963 by Egham Urban District Council
Langham Pond. This is a cut of a meander of the Thames forming an oxbow. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Along with the meadow it is thought to be a unique habitat with nationally scarce plants and insects including a particular species of fly.  Some of the pond is in the square to the south

Runnymede is made up of land in public and National Trust ownership on the Thames flood plain downriver of Old Windsor. It has been greatly influenced by the probable Roman river crossing at Staines. The word Runnymede could be interpreted as describing a meeting place on a meadow and the Witenagemot of the Saxon kings was held in the 7th to 11th. It is therefore the most likely location for King John sealing Magna Charta in 1215 and this is indicated in the Charter itself. Much of it is managed by the National Trust.  Some of the National Trust area is a Site of Nature Conservation Interest plus an area designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  188 acres of riverside area were donated in 1929 by Cara Rogers Broughton and her two sons. The American-born widow of Urban Hanlon Broughton and it was in his memory. In return she was allowed to be a ladyship. A memorial to this donation is on Windsor Road in the square to the east.
Long Mede – this is the continuation of the riverside meadow towards Windsor.  Only part of it is in this square and the rest is in the squares to the west s a nod to the north (and this includes the Magna Charta memorial)
Runnymede Pleasure Grounds.  This riverside park is run by Runnymede Council and appears to have begun as a paddling pool and bathing station. It has a cafe, playground, toilets etc.

Windsor Road
Skytes Meadow. Italian Concept Restaurant. This has had a number of other existences Sam’s Bar and Grill, the Cyprus Donkey, Skytes Restaurant. However the building looks although it might have had a more interesting past existence and may date to the 1930s. There is also a Skytes Wharf
Wraysbury Punting and Skiff Club.  The club dates to its formation in 1931, to promote the traditional sports of racing in Thames skiffs and punts.  Its first benefactor was Eric Haines of Haines Boatyard in Old Windsor. In 1975, the Club relocated to a site adjoining Runnymede Pleasure Grounds. In 2007, the Club opened a purpose-built clubhouse and boathouse. The Club races in skiffing, punting and dragon boat racing,

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