'Riverside west of the 'Tower, south bank,. Thorpe Hay Meadow

Riverside west of the 'Tower, south bank,. Thorpe Hay Meadow

This posting relates to south south of the river only. North of the river is Staines Penton Road

Post to the south Truss's Island and Staines Penton Avenue and field
Post to the north Staines and Egham/Staines The Hythe
Poist to the east Staines

Chertsey Lane
Main road between Chertsey and Staines

Thorpe Hay Meadow Nature Reserve
Thorpe Hay Meadow. This is said to be the last surviving example of unimproved grassland on Thames Gravel in Surrey and is a site of Special Scientific Interest.  It was purchased in 1988 and dedicated to Sheila Wenham. It is a five-sided meadow surrounded by ditches and hedges – there is an ancient hedgerow round the meadow. It supports a habitar for lime loving plants

Tim’s Way
Riverside workshops at the eastern end

Natural England. Web site
Surrey Wildlife Trust. Web site


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