Riverside. south bank west of the Tower Windsor Albert Bridge

Riverside. south bank west of the Tower Windsor Albert Bridge

This post shows sites to the south of the river only, North of the river is Southlea

Post to the west Ham Island and Nickcroft Ait
Post to the north Windsor Home Park Eastern riverside and Datchet and Southlea

Albert Bridge
Albert Bridge was built in 1850-51. It was one of two bridges in Datchet built to replace the old Datchet Bridge as part of the rerouting of the Datchet to Windsor roads following the expansion of the grounds of Windsor Castle. Prince Albert is said to have had a part in the design which was originally in cast iron.
Lodge. On the west side of the road. It is said to have been designed either by Jeffry Wyatville, or by Edward Blore. It has a crenulated parapet and arrow slits flanking the windows.

Battle Bourne
This is a stream which enters this area from the west and runs along the southern boundary of some of the Home Park. It enters the Thames slightly down river of Albert Bridge

Datchet Road
Moran Lodge. A 19th posh house evolving from a farm cottage. This was called the Elms and divided into flats in the 1950s.
Windsor Farm Shop. This was opened in 2001 as the result of the Duke of Edinburgh suggesting selling goods from the Royal Estates and small local suppliers
4 Lord Nelson Pub. This pub dated from the 1840s.  Now in other use – in 2004 it became an Indian restaurant and has also been in use as a nursery.

Home Park
Home Park is a private park in the Crown Estate and attached to Windsor Castle.  This square covers the south east corner – about an eighth of the total area.

Lion Island
This is a small uninhabited island above Old Windsor Weir. It is a thin wooded strip separated by a narrow channel on the north bank. There were once three long parallel islands here before the lock and the cut were built.

Old Windsor Weir
This is at the northern end of the New Cut but relates to the Old Windsor Lock at the southern end.
Fisher. This was on the site of what is now Old Windsor Weir.  It was called Horned-ore and belonged to the Crown. It was on the boundary-line between three parishes.

Southlea Road
Royal Gardens Lodge.  At the entrance to the Home Park. Designed Jeffry Wyatville in 1820-30. A castellated single storey building with central tower with a parapet. Extraordinary.

Manor Farm
Livery Stables.

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