River Gade Hunton Bridge Interchange

River Gade
The Gade flows south

Post to the north Hunton Bridge
Post to the south Grove Mill

The original A41 is the line of what is now the Hempstead Road reaching the Hunton Bridge interchange from the south and then continuing as the Watford Road. The current A41 reaches the interchange from the east and has followed the Watford Bypass into Gadeside and thus reaches the Hunton Bridge interchange. North of the  interchange the A41 road has been upgraded to a dual carriageway but still follows much of it original route until the M25 junction to the north. It deviates from its original line in the slip to the Hunton Bridge interchange leaving part of the original Watford Road as a stub.

The line of the A41 as the Watford Bypass. The bypass was built in the 1920s and renumbered as the A1 at a later date
Ventilation shafts for the West Coast Main Line railway below.

Grand Union Canal
Watford Road Bridge
Junction 19 Road Bridge
Lady Capel’s Lock.
Lady Capel was the wife of the owner of the Cassionbury Estate. This is said to be the closest point on the canal to London where coal tax was not payable. It has two sets of double wooden gates and concrete steps on both sides.Lady Capel's Bridge

Greenbank Road
Holy Rood Roman Catholic Primary School

Gypsy Lane
The line of the original main road, now blocked and regaining footpath status

Hempstead Road
This is the old line of the A41 now the A411 meeting the Hunton Bridge junction. It has come from Watford.
Watford Family History Centre, part of the Church of Latter Day Saints
Russells Nursery

Hunton Bridge  Junction
This was planned as the northern end of the M25 but it is now the end of a spur from it. It was also intended that the motorway standard A41 would cross it on a flyover. It is now a junction crossed by the A41 and also joined by the older line if the A41 and the spur to the M25

The Grove
The northern part of the Grove Golf Course is on this square. It consists of a part of the course called The Hoggery

Watford Road
World of Water

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Family History Centre. Web site
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Sabre Roads. Web site
The Grove. Web site


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