River Chess - Latimer

River Chess
The Chess flows south eastwards

Post to the north Latimer Park
Post to the east Latimer
Post to the south Little Chalfont

Bell Lane
Forest Cottages
Ladies Arbour Wood

Chenies Avenue
Westwood Park. Football and cricket pitches plus a pavilion.  There is also tennis and a children’s play area.

Latimer Road
Latimer Park Farm. Previously this was called Dell Farm and this was changed to Home Farm in the 19th and again in 1954 to the current name. 1898 map shows a saw mill and a gasometer (estate gas making plants were not unusual). Restore Hope Latimer is a local charity based in the farm complex as are number of businesses
Roman Villa. This dated from about 170 AD and included the skeleton of a Roman cat. The current farm buildings cover the site.

River Chess
Great Water. The lake was formed in the 1750s by the damming of the River Chess.
Neptune Waterfall. This is a dam which holds the water for the formation of the lakes. It is on the site of a mill – which may have been a medieval fulling mill. The mill was originally improved and named 'Latimer Castle', but was demolished in 1763.  There is said to be a statue of Neptune on the top of the weir.
Boat house

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Little Chalfont. Parish.Web site
London Transport. Country Walks.


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