River Chess - Lower Bois

River Chess
The Chess flows south eastwards

Post to the south Chesham Bois

Bottom Lane

Bunns Lane

Latimer Road
Cannon Mill. This was a corn mill which was once been known as Canham Mill or Middle Mill and is said to have records from the 12th. It is also said to have been owned by the canons of Missenden Abbey. Last worked in 1937 and demolished around 1960
Watercress beds – these were found all down the Chess and some relics remain. A railway ran at the back of Weir House.
Weirhouse Mill. 18th building restored and enlarged with Painted weatherboarding and brick. A wing over the river was demolished. This was a corn mill and in the 18th used as a paper mill – ornamental writing paper made here by Bancks was shown at the Great Exhibition in 1851. It reverted to corn in 1858 and ended work in the 1940s.
Mill House to Weirhouse Mill. 18th building in whitewashed brick
Hardware warehouse and industrial buildings. Pow Wow water cooler plant. This was Pow Wow Water Co’s bottling warehouse with offices and laboratory, previously Holywell Spring. Pow Wow was part of Hutchison Whampoa and then sold to Nestle.  There was also a trout farm here using what is also known as Pow Wow lake
Weir Lodge.  House alongside the river with bridges, ponds and planted banks- there are also wood carvings and sculptures. Mature trees, including beeches in a paddock, where sheep are kept.
Milk Hall. Milk Hall farm was on land left to the parish by John Gawdry in 1670 for the benefit of 12 poor widows.  Milk Hall Barns are now converted to housing.
Sewage Works. The original site, by the river was built by Chesham Council in 1887

Pump Lane
Hill Farm

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