River Chess - Chesham Bois

River Chess

The Chess flows south eastwards

Post to the north Lower Bois
Post to the east Blackwell Hall

Blackwell Stubs
A small piece of ancient woodland managed by the Woodland Trust and in a steep-sided valley. It has old beech trees and there are wood banks along the southern boundary and near the railway are some old coppiced hornbeam trees on the wood bank.

Hollow Way Lane
The road is thought to be part of a prehistoric trade route
Cressbed Villas. Built 1901

Latimer Road
Sewage Works. Now run by Thames Water. The original Chesham sewage works is across the road and nearer the river however filter beds had been built to the north of the road by the 1920s.
Blackwell Hall Cottage. 18th house in flint rubble and red brick
Ivy House Farm.  The farm house is 16th or 17th and there are 17th and 18th barns, timber framed with weatherboarding, some with flint rubble dressing and with red brick. They form three sides of a yard with the house.

Woodside Avenue
Elangeni Primary School. "Elangeni" is a Zulu word for "Where the sun shines through". The school is in the site of a house was built for Frank and Sophie Colenso as a country retreat. Frank was the son of Bishop John Colenso, first Bishop of Natal. Frank was chief legal advisor to King Cetawayo in boundary disputes against the British. Eventually the house was sold and a school built there which was opened by that Thatcher woman.

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