River Gade - Abbots Hill

River Gade
The Gade flows south eastwards

An area on the outskirts of the Hemel Hempsteads area, crossed by the Gade, the canal and the railway line. On the edge of the Nash Mills here is Dickinson's own house set in green fields.

Post to the west Nash Mills
Post to the south Abbots Langley

Bunkers Lane
Langley Tennis Club

Lower Road
Abbotts Hill School.  In 1837, John Dickinson moved to Abbots Hill which he had had built for himself on land which had been part of Black Hill Farm. It is said that he had only one door which was in the front of the so that he could monitor comings and goings. It later became the home of Arthur Evans the archaeologist and another family members. In 1912 it was bought by the two Miss Bairds who founded a private fee-paying school for girls there. This still functions
Nash Mills Village Hall
Shafford Knoll Farm

New Plantation.

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