Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - Hayes

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Ravensbourne continues to flow north and is joined by a tributary from the west
A stream also runs parallel to the Ravensbourne on the west

Post to the west Hayes
Post to the north Norman Park
Post to the east Bromley Common
Post to the south Hayes Common

Bromley Common
Oakley House.. House predates 1701. a substantial mansion on the edge of the common and the home of Admiral Cornwallis who fought at Trafalgar. Now Bromley Masonic Centre.
A stream from the area of Oakley House is joined by a stream from the pond on the corner of Oakley and Hastings Road and meanders to join the Ravensbourne together with other ditches.
Ravensbourne. House - rambling single-storey by Howell & Killick, 1958.

Hayes Common
Brook Wood
A stream from the wood flows down its western side and on northwards to join the Ravensbourne in Norman Park.

Mazzards Wood
Mazzards is a local word for a type of wild cherry

Woodcock Grove
Mature alder woods

Lords Wood

Bolds Wood


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