Thames Tributary Ravensbourne - The Beck - Shirley

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Beck flows northwards

Post to the north Monk's Orchard
Post to the south Addington

The Alders
V1 June 1944 severe damage throughout the area

Bolderwood Way
7 Roman cemetery found

Bridle Road
Goes down the western edge of Spring Park Wood.
Spring Park School
The Goat. Stands on the site of a gamekeeper's cottage and his pens .s was there in the 1860s.
All Saints Church. Built in the 1950s by Curtis Green, Son and Lloyd and one of the first post-war buildings in Croydon to be listed, grade II. The bells come from a church in Dover.

Farm Drive
This was the drive to Spring Park Farm

Links View Road
The name refers to the now defunct golf course.

Riverside Walk
The footpath follows the county boundary. 1935. Second World War tank traps were created into the woods

Shrublands Avenue
This was part of Shirley Heath golf course which was bought by the Council in 1934 and in the Second World War pre-fabs were built here. The estate known as Shrublands replaced them in 1961-3.

Spring Park Wood
The Beck runs through the area underground
The wood is recorded in Doomsday and was known as 'New Parke' but by the 17th had become 'Spring Parke. It is made up of oak and birch with some beech, gean and aspen. Beneath them is rowan, holly and white beam. There are brambles, bluebells and wood anemone.
Drinking fountain replaced by the Friends of Spring Park Wood

The Glade
St George the Martyr. In 1937 the first St George’s church was built and this is now the church hall. It was not a parish church but a new conventional district. After the war, great effort was put into raising money for a new church and in 1951, work began and it was dedicated a year later.


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