Thames Tributary Bourne flowing to the Ravensbourne - Hayes

Thames Tributary Ravensbourne
The Bourne Tributary to the Ravensbourne from West Wickham flowed north crossing Tiepigs Lane and New Road. It was also joined by a small stream from Hayes Place.

Post to the south Coney Hall
Post to the east Hayes

Bourne Vale
Clearly named to follow the route of The Bourne

Hayes Bottom

Courtlands Road
On the site of Pickhurst Manor. This was also known as Heaver.

Hayes Station. Opened 29th May 1882 and still the terminus of the line from West Wickham on South Eastern Trains. The line comes from Elmers End Station via West Wickham and Hayes Junction and ends here where there was a turntable for the run round. When the station was built it was a quarter of a mile from the village street and a single-storey wooden building was enough. Usage remained low until electrification in 1925. In 1933 the station was modernised with shops in the entrance and a new island platform. In 1940 it was bombed and in 1956 it was repaired and rebuilt in 1958 after the local Chamber of Commerce had offered to do it.
Goods Yard. This was on the south side and used to handle horses between Catford Bridge and Ireland. More coal berths added in 1933. It closed 1965 but continued to handle greyhounds from Ireland for Catford Dogs.
Signal box. Moved in 1935 to the up side.

Also known as Heaver. Pickhurst may be to do with pannage – pasture for pigs but more likely 'wooded hill with a point or peak'

Pickhurst Green
A recreation ground with some wild areas on its edges.

Pickhurst Lane
Pickhurst Pub. A Tudor fronted style purpose built pub at the entrance to the Pickhurst housing estate
V2 at 5 30pm, 9 February. 1945 it fell in West Common Lane but the sonic wave may have been responsible for houses here losing their windows, although they were a mile from the blast, while some streets nearer to it were unaffected.

West Wickham and Hayes branch. Opened Whit Monday 1882. The line is in a deep cutting on this stretch up to the station.

Tiepigs Lane
After the cottages the road turns away in an 18th diversion around Pickhurst Manor
Tiepigs Cottages
Scout Headquarters
Coney Hall Football Club


lauriemack said…
Courtlands Avenue, not Courtlands Road.
Notwithstanding the conventional wisdom about the meaning of Pickhurst, although it's a hill it's always had a flat top, not a point! (article by me in Beckenham Historian Newsletter circa 2008).
New station at Hayes built 1935 (not 1933, which was the "start date" for Station Approach shops).
Best note I've seen yet about the Bourne, which rises in Addington Hills; a lot of it is in culvert.
There is (or was) a brewer's website about the New Inn, opp Hayes Stn; badly damaged during the war, rebuilt abt 1960, and refitted 2010.
Laurie Mack, Hayes, Kent.

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