List of pages following the River Darent and its tributories from source to the Thames



Darent . spring, source and Squerries.  Romano British fort

Westerham.  Black Eagle Brewery, Drill Hall, General Wolfe Pub, British Legion,  old forge,19thC post box, old  laundry, Royal Standard, Swan Cinema, Darent, Kings Arms, George and Dragon, Squerries Park Mill, footbridge, chimney stack, Westerham Mill, Dovecote, cenotaph, folly tower.

Westerham.  Westerham Press, Westerham Library, Westerham Station, M25, market, Post Office, Crown Hotel,Old House at Home. Seenoaks Road, turnpike, Darent, Wolfe Statue, Churchill Statue, Grasshopper Inn,

Valence House. St.George’s Field, Valence School,

Brasted.  Westerham Golf Club

Brasted.  Darent Bridge, Stanhope Arms, Bull Inn, M25, turnaround junction, swimming pool, Brasted Station

Brasted.  Brasted Green, old mill, Durtnell Building Co., old pump, Crampton brickfield, White Hart Inn, Ian Ramsey College, mill stream, stables with Guards clock,  lake,

Sundridge.  Mill stream,Sundridge Mill, pond, earthworks, Sundridge airfield, folly, ice house, pit, Lamb, White Horse, Sundridge Water Works

Dry Hill.  Dry Hill Quarry, Sevenoaks Bypass, Sandridge Lakes Fishery, Darent Lakes Wood Fishery, piggeries, Council Depot, Dumbrik Depot.

Chipstead. Brickworks, clay pit, sand extraction, Marley Tiles, school, swimming pool, Bricklayers Arms, Mill, pottery, studios, Working Mens Club, forge, water channel, windmill,moat, oast, Sevenoaks Bypass, Chevening Halt Station, Rye Road.

Chipstead. Sand and gravel extraction, Rye Road,working men’s club, George and Dragon, old bakery, Rock House, Chipstead Lake, Club House and sailing club, sand pit, whiteing mine

Riverhead. Walter Smith office,engineering workshop, Chipstead Common, sand and gravel extraction, dry dock, weir, brickworks, Miners’ Arms , Longford Bridge, Millstone, Marley Tile works, Bullfinch, Druidical ruins, watermill, mill house, Darent arch underthe railway, Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve.

Dunton Green.  Primary School, bus garage, railway bridge, Dunton Green Brick Tile and Pottery works,West Kent Cold Storage Depot, Dunton Green Station,brickworks siding.

Watercress Stream

Greatness. Tarmac aggregate quarry, Greatness brickworks, Sevenoaks brickworks, clay pit.

Dunton Green, Darent joined by Watercress Stream, gas works,Jeffrey Harrison Nature Reserve.

Honeypot Stream

Kemsing. Clay pits, pumping Station

Kemsing. Kemsing Station.stone  extraction, Roman clay pit, granary, railway bridge.

Noah’s Ark. Wayside shrine,Noah’s Ark Bridge, Railway bridge.

Child’s Bridge.  Child’s Bridge Milll,  Junior school.

Otford.  M26, Long Lodge Oast House, Long Lodge Mill, Old Otford Road,Otford Junction, brickworks.

Greatness. Tarmac aggregate quarry, Greatness brickworks, Sevenoaks brickworks, clay pit.


Otford. Darent is joined by the Honeypot Stream and the Bubblestone Stream.  Roman site. Anglo Saxon burials.

Otford. Historic naviation limit.  Joined by Bubblestone Stream.  Colet’s Well, prehistoric trackway, Poor House, RE Bridge, Bull Inn,forge, Horns,school, Heritage Centre, Saturn, Mill, Romano British villa, Otford Palace, dene hole, medieval deer park, leper hospital, Castle House, Beckett’s Well, subterranean conduit house, Otford Solar System, chantry, pond, duck house,

Otford. Pilgrim’s Way, Romano British cemetery,Neptune, Twitton Farm Oast, Battle of Otford, Sevenoaks Isolation Hospital,Rising ‘Sun Twitton Brook

Filston. Filston stream, original course of the Darent, oast houses, Roman site, Model farm,Pluto, Moat.Twitton Brook.

Shoreham.  Shoreham Upper Mill,medieval farm bank.

Shoreham.Rising Sun, Yew Avenue, George Inn, forge, farrier, Shoreham Station, Countryside Centre, Darenth Valley Golf Club,

Shoreham. Samuel Palmer School of Fine Art, almshouses, Crown, Royal  Oak, Kings Arms, Two Brewers, Pumping Station, School, chalk cut war memorial cross, aircraft museum, forge,Warings hop.

Shoreham. Preston Farm Oast, Shoreham Mill and Mill House,.

Castle Farm.  Bridge, hop pickers huts, Shoreham Castle, Lullingstone Park Visitor Centre,

Lullingstone.almshouse  Hospital, jousting ground, gatehouse, Bailey Bridge, stream.lake, bath house, ice house,Roman Villa

Eynsford Station.  Lullingstone Castle. Silkworms, World Garden of Plants, Eynsford Station

Eynsford. Mount Eagle, Eynsford Pumping Station,Wood Mill, Lullingstone viaduct , Old Mill, ford, bridge, boulder in the river, Water Board conifers

Eynsford.  Castle, Village Hall, Lychgate, Gibson’s Ironworks, Boer War trees, stocks, drinking fountain,Castle Pub, Five Bells,Acrostic  trees, schools.

Farningham. Iron Age farmstead, Mill, forge, Bricklayers Arms, Pied Bull, tank, flint barn, bakery, FRoman villas, market, castle.

Farningham. Ancient woodland, Roman villa, Chequers, flint wall with bee bole, bridge, screen, ford, Farningham mill, folly garden house, Lion Hotel, Bricklayers Arms, Farningham bypass.

Farningham. Hundred Year Wood, Franks Generating Station, Picture Gallery Horton Kirby Cricket Club.

Horton Kirby. Site of Roman granary.

Horton Kirby.  Weir, gravel pits, concrete sill in the river, barns, forge, post box, Horton Castle, moat, dovecote, school, The Bull, Fighting Cocks, Mill, Environmental Education Centre.

South Darenth.  St.John’s Stream, Devon Road Bridge, Bridge, Jolly Millers, Engineering works, Mill, Fire Station, Darenth Valley Gas works, Homes for Little Boys, Gospel Hall, railway viaduct, Saxon graves.

St. John’s Stream

Farningham Road.  Farningham Road and Sutton at Hone Station. Corus Building, Signal box, Frog Lane Mill.


Sutton at Hone.  Primary School, gravel pit, Little Lake, Ship, ice houses, almshouses, St.John of Jerusalem, Sutton Ballast Co., St. John’s Stream.

Darenth. Roman Villa.

Darenth.Depot, ice house, Fox and Hounds, Millis Brewing Co.

Hawley.  Chequers, Darenth Water Works, King George’s  Field, Hawley Mill, Darenth Paper Mill, HaJ.wley Garden Centre, Old Mill.

Hawley. Darenth Interchange, Albion Ironworks.

Hawley. Four Lymes, Papermarkers Arms, Orange Tree, Dovecote, J&E Hall, Bridge, Powder Mill, Pumping station,Smelting Plant, Watling Street.

Dartford Central Park. Brooklands Lake, Lower Paper Mill, Brooklands Park, Colyers Mill, Roman villa, Dartford Brewery, Paper Mill, Sports Centre,Swimming Pool, Foundry,Malt Shovel, Ivy Leaf, Dartford Bridge, St Edmund’s Cemetery, Livingstone Hospital, Foresters Arms, Tollgate Pub, Tasker Brewery, One Bell Pub, Lowfield Street Stream, Beadles coach builders, almshouses, Fox and Hounds, Two Brewers, Windmill, Plough, Cinema, Drill Hall, Fairfield Pool and Leisure Centre, Hussey Fleet Brewery, Paper Moon,Museum, Library, Bus Station, War Memorial, RAF Memorial Hall,Town Mill, Serena Hall, Princes Road, Tiger.

Dartford. Dartford Printing Works, Wat Tyler, canal plans for the Creek, BRS depot, bus depot, Priory Lock, basin, lift bridge, 2 bascule bridges, cable bridge, flood banks, riverside mills, New Town Tavern, ship breakers, Kings Head, Black Boy Inn, Crown Brewery, Bulls Head, Royal Victoria and Bull, Orchard Theatre, Baltic Saw Mills, footbridge, Hufflers Arms,Steam Crane Wharf, Stage door, Gas Works, J.& E.Hall, Erith & Darford Lighterage, James Sharp, Dartford Wharfage, Public House Trust, County Court, London Paper Mills, Phoenix Pub, Dartford Gas Mantle Factory, Phoenix Mills, Boroughs Welcombe, Mill Pond, Cartway, Pipe House, Stricklands, Royal Oak, Gala Cinema, Old Court House, Beadles Garage, Roller Skating Rink, Dartford Working Men’s Institute, Dartford Station, Railway Hotel, Silk Mill.

River Cray, tributary to Darent.

Orpington.  Dairy Crest, Bark Hart,Hodsoll’s Mill, stables, library, outbuildings, walls, tunnel, well, Priory Gardens entrance, Orpington Bypass, Civic Centre, College of Further Education, Anchor and Hope, Harvest Moon, Artichoke, War Memorial, George and Dragon, sports centre, walnut trees, White Hart, Buff Orpington, Orpington car, denehole, chalkwell, Commodore Cinema, Lower Pond, Henrietta Spring, gates, parterre.

St.Mary Cray.  Rising Sun, Coates Bros., Morphy Richards, dene hole, Tip Top Bakery, Oertling Pilgrim House, Blue Lagoon, National Time Recorder, Royal Albert, Orpington car, Primary School, Saxon Cemetery, Fordcroft Roman Villa.

St.Mary Cray. Forge, chestnut tree, dene holes, coal tax post, chalk well, Rosecroft Social Club, St.Mary Cray Brewery, Red Lion, primary school, Blue Anchor, village hall, Upper Paper Mill, Reynolds Cross, Wealden House, White Swan, Angelsey Arms, stables, Snellings Mill, boating pond, Beech Tree.

St.Paul’s Cray.  Shaft, dene hole, Black Boy, Mary Rose, village sign, railway viaduct, market meadow, fire engine house, Joynson Mill, The Mount, old forge, gasworks, Babbs, cemetery, library, war memorial, flint bridge.

St.Paul’s Cray. Granary, The Bull, St.Paul’s Cray Mill, Nash Mills, bridge, recreation ground, gravel pit, Broomwood pub, Ruxley Golf Course, Bromley Ski Centre, health club.

Foots Cray.  Schweppes, Klinger works, Seven Stars, Red Lion, Sidcup Technology Centre, Foots Cray Mill, Kloster Brandes, Brimar, STC valves, Harenc, Foots Cray Bridge, Sidcup Bus Garage, denehole, Sidcup Bypass, Crittall factory.

Foots Cray. Harenc Mill, War Memorial, Foots Cray Place,Bowls Pavilion, Outdoor Activities Centre, gates, Dutch Garden, Foots Cray Meadows, Lake, canal, tollgate, Toyota centre, David Lloyd Leisure, Community Centre, stable block, war memorial, Tiger’s Head, Foots Cray Woods, Foots Cray Chalk, Lime and Brick Works, British Metallic Packing,

North Cray.  Romano British Bath House, Five Arch bridge, Roman pottery,

North Cray.  Scout Hut, sports ground, White Cross, old school, pumping station, old main road.

Bexley. Reffell’s Brewery, Owelett, water tower, K9 telephone box, national schools, almshouses, Phamax, Electricity generating station, Kent Brewery, sorting office, Bexley Brewery, print house, medieval pottery, railway viaduct, Railway Tavern,Fremantle Hal, Kings Head, The George, Millers Arms,Fire engine shed, old mill, war memorial, church hall, Bexley Sand and Gravel, St.Mary’s cemetery,  Coach and Horses, Penfold Pillar box, Dartford Loop, Butterfly Farm, Bexley /station, railway electricity sub-station, Bexley tannery, medieval tile kiln, gravel pit, Upton Road brickfield, garden subdial, Bexley electricity sub-station, artificial hill, Sun field, Rising Sun, Bexley Equestrian Centre, sidings, council generating station.

River Shuttle. Tributary to River Cray.

Eltham. Pippenhall Meadows,Conduit Meadow, Conduit Head, reservoirs, K2 phone bo, fire station, Man of Kent, shaft and chamber, Eltham Warren Golf Course, barn, stables milestone, Graftons Engineering, schools, almshouses, forge,

Wyncham Stream. Tributory to River Shuttle

Kemnal Manor. Belmont Lane Open Space, primary school, British Legion, stock wells, waterfall, Foxbury Mission Training College, Kemnal Riding Stables,Kemnal Manor.

New Eltham.  School, Footscray Road, turnpike, New Eltham Library, milestone, Crossways Hotel, Flamingo Park, Jack Nicklaus Golf Centre.

River Shuttle

Avery Hill.  Avery Hil Fields, Student Accommodation blocks,Witch of Agnesi, signpost, Cambridge University Mission sports, Unilever sports, Grundoin Coaches, Metrogas Sports, Gaelic Athletic Sports, Stanley Instrument Factory,  Dickersons Building Merchants, New Eltham Social Club, commemorative stone seat, North’s kennels, Charlton Athletic Training Ground, Sparrows Farm Leisure Centre.

Halfway Street.  Marrowbone Hall, Hollies Childrens’ Home, Blackboy Pub

Lamorbey. Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama, piggery, Barn Theatre, Rose BexleyTheatre, Bath House footings, Sidcup Golf Course, schools, ice houses, pinnacle.

Blendon.  Hurst Place Community Centre, Penhill Bridge, water voles.

Brigden. Bexley Woods, Tanyard Farm, Three Blackbirds, Blue Anchor, Shuttle Riverway.

River Cray

Bexley. Shuttle joins the Cray, The Warren, Vickers aircraft factory, Meredith and Drew Bakery, milestone, Bexley and Erith Technical High School, Rochester Way, Black Prince road house,

Crayford.  Shuttle joins the Cray. A2, Rochester Way, lampposts from cinema, wall post box,. Silk and calico bleaching, Applegarth, David Evans silk printing, madder shop, steel houses, Hall Place, topiary,barn, stable, granary, museum, corn mill, Crayford Gas Works, dene hole,  Feakes Joinery, Gibbett Wood, Munns Calico Grounds, Siddeley Autocards, Parish Loam Pit.

Crayford Town Centre. Ford, dene holes, Roman Road, brickworks, tannery, brewery, Town Hall, clock tower, Vickers Maxim Gun Foundry (two sites), Swaisland silk & calico dyes, Crayford Water Works, Crayford Dogs, Mineral Water Works, coal duty posts, Observatory instrument factory, Crayford Station.


Maiden Lane. Coal duty posts and obelisk, remains of rail junction to Vickers works, bleach fields, Dartford Railway Loop and Curve, Vickers housing, India rubber works, carpet works, River Wanshunt, Dartford by-pass., dene holes.


Barnes Cray. Calico printing, Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre, Dussek, brick kilns, dene holes, Crayford Flour Mill, Railway viaducts, saw mills, clay pits, Maxim Guns, Jolly Farmers.


Cray/Darent confluence. River Cray, River Wansunt, Stanham River. West Kent Main Sewer.


River Darent

Cray Marshes. 1830s canal plans, salt marsh


Dartford Marshes. Coal duty post, bunkers and pillboxes, Trench Warfare Railway, Thames Ammunition Works.


The Darent meets the Thames. Long Reach, Measured mile, Royal Flying Corps ground Dartford Creek Barrier.








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