North London Line - Brondesbury

The North London line from Brondesbury Station runs south westwards
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Residential area where some posh houses are used by institutions

Post to the east Brondesbury
Post to the south Brondesbury Park

This posting covers only the south west corner of this square

Brondesbury Park
Brondesbury College. This is an Independent (private fee paying) Secondary School for boys. It has a traditional English curriculum with selected Islamic subjects. The main building was originally a house and was used to set up Islamia Primary School as a kindergarden in 1983. This then relocated and the College opened here in 1996.
Mission House. The house was originally called Restormel. In the early 1900s this was the home of Solomon Barnett, a Polish born lead and glass merchant, who became a local developer and political activist. It was later renamed The Mission House and belonged to Revd Dr Herbert Vaughan and was the Headquarters of the Catholic Missionary Society. It had a large entrance hall and an oak staircase plus a large conservatory at the back. It was lent it to the War Office in the Great War and became the Brondesbury Park Military Hospital 1915 – 1919. The garden was over 2 acres with tennis, croquet and a kitchen garden.  A Recreation Hut was built with sofas, billiards and bagatelle. It has a stage for performances.  There was a Hospital's magazine ‘With the Wounded’. In 1917 took over neighbouring - Beversbrook to make a total of 120 beds. The hospital closed in 1919 and the house has since been demolished long ago, but gate posts and boundary wall remain. The site is part of what was Avenue Primary School grounds

Christchurch Avenue
Malorees School.  Malorees Primary – Junior School and Infant School. , Opened in 1953 as a council school to cope with ‘the bulge’. 
Lady Adelaide  Home. This was one of several institutions belonging to the Community of the Sisters of the Church which began as the Church Extension Association, a missionary society begun in 1863 by Miss Emily Ayckbowm.  Much of their work had been in the parish of  St. Augustine, Kilburn.  The Lady Adelaide Home for Boys was built and presented to the Community by the Rev. Henry Law, in memory of his wife as a home for destitute boys.
Beversbrook. This was a big house on the corner with Brondesbury Park. In the Great War it was lent to the War Office by its owner, Mr Stanley Gibbs, and became an annexe to hospital in The Mission House across the road. It has 4 acres of grounds, could provide 50 beds and opened in July 1917.  The site is now Moatfield, block of flats

The Avenue
Primary School.. The site was a demonstration kindergarten for the Maria Grey College – the teacher training institution which had a main site slightly to the south of here until the 1940s although the school remained here. From 1970 it housed the Manor Primary school for educationally sub-moved to this site in 1970 from Kingsbury. It subsequently became The Avenue Primary School. This closed in 2007 and it has since housed a relocated school from Swiss Cottage.

Willesden Lane
Christ Church. This was a first daughter church of St.Mary, Willesden. It was consecrated in 1866. It was combined with the Parish of St Laurence in the early 1970s and in the 1980s, most of the of the church was converted into flats. The church now meets in what were the transept, choir and sanctuary.
163 Trojan Court Flats.  The site was that of Vernon House.  IN 1960s this was Willesden Education Department and then a special school.
180 North West London Jewish Primary School. This originally opened in 1945 in Hampstead and moved here in 1958.

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