Yeading Brook - Pinner Park

Yeading Brook
The Yeading Brook flows south east and south west

Post to the north Headstone Lane

George V Avenue
This is now the A404 - re-signed as this in the 1980s to bypass Pinner Village.

Headstone Lane
Headstone Manor Recreation Ground. This is a remnant of the medieval Headstone Estate, worked as a farm until the 1920s.  The recreation ground area was sold to Hendon Rural District Council in 1925 and became Headstone Park in 1928. Headstone Copse, is in the south east corner and fenced off, it has mature oaks and is thought to have been used for pannage. There is old hedgerow along the east side. The Yeading Brook runs through it.

Melbourne Avenue
Playing fields
Pinner Park First School
Pinner Park Middle School

Pinner Road
Nower Hill High School - Headstone School was built in 1929 by Middlesex County Council. But the original red brick building was soon joined by a series of outbuildings. A new school opened in the early 1960s and more blocks were added with a development programme in 1993.From 1974 it was known as Nower Hill High School
Fire station. Built in 1937 as the local fire brigade headquarters and includes a training facility
Fire Brigade Cottages
Pinner New Cemetery. Pinner New Cemetery dates from 1933, and was laid out to designs by Borough Architect, S W Richardson. There is a gothic lodge with a date plaque. . The drive to the chapel is lined with horse chestnut trees and elsewhere there are oak trees that pre-date the cemetery and planted of birch, cypress, sycamore, cherry and hawthorn. Among the monuments there is a notable red granite armchair grave of Susan Dunford, who 'left her chair vacant' in 1954.  Three is a children's graveyard area and an area of Czech soldiers
Boulevard Gardens. These are two areas of public gardens either side of the cemetery entrance. Pinner Court is on the eastside - Capel Gardens to the west 1935 by H.J. Mark. luxury flats with the flamboyant green-tiled roofs so popular at the time North Harrow Methodist Church. Present site was purchased in 1925 and a building opened in 1927. The Lower Hall was added in 1930 and in 1931 fund raising for a new church began. In 1955 the foundation stone of the new church was laid and the building was opened in 1957. At the end of the 1960s the lower hall was replaced by two new halls and a meeting room

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Pevsner and Cherry. London North West


Steve Bird said…
Headstone Manor surely deserves more comment!
It has the only (?) complete moat in Middlesex, fed by and flowing out into the Yeading Brook. The Manor House itself has been undergoing restoration for some years; along with the adjacent tithe barn, another small barn and the granary transportede from Pinner Park Farm, it forms Harrow Museum.

The Village London Atlas shows two other headwaters to the Yeading Brook; one from the Headstone Drive area joins the stream from Pinner Park in Headstone Manor Rec, the other rises in the Welldon Crescent area, flowing across what is now Haarrow Recreation Ground and parallel to Canterbury Road and joining the Yeading Brook around the Station Road/Parkside Way/Kingsfield Avenue/Southfield Park junction.
M said…
Steve - technically - and I am basing this on OS squares - the manor it shown on my map in the square to the west. otherwise - yes and thanks

are you the Steve Bird I use to know who was archivist to a large archive which moved to Manchester??
Steve Bird said…
No, I'm a different Steve Bird. I've lived in the Harrow area all my life (apart from 3 years in Liverpool as a Maths & Computer Science student in the late 1970s.
My mother, who has never got the hang of the internet and is now housebound, is a member of the Stanmore & Harrow Historical Society, for which she used to edit the newsletter.

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