Edgeware Brook - Stanmore Marsh

Edgware Brook
The Brook flows east and south

Post to the west Stanmore Park
Post to the east Little Stanmore

Abercorn Road
Stanmore Baptist Church.  The foundation-stone was laid in 1935.  This had grown from a group meeting in the Old Barn and started among workers on the new housing in the area. The building was km brick and including a hall, classrooms, and vestry. It was enlarged in 1963 with a bigger hall, and classrooms
Stanburn First and Middle schools. Stanburn School opened on its present site in 1938 with the junior school on the floor and the infants on the ground. It was seen as a major design by W.T. Curtis and H.W.Burchett Middlesex County Council architects influenced by Dudok. Stanburn, like their other schools, features a central stair tower. There have however been extensions added since. In 1973 it was split into First and Middle Schools and in 2010 once again became Stanburn Junior School and Stanburn Infant School.
Blast Shelter. In 1939 during the school Christmas holidays air raid shelters were built in the school grounds. Trench shelters were dug on the playing field and a blast shelter. The blast shelter was a free-standing brick building with a reinforced concrete roof. Until 2005 the shelter was used for storage but after that a project to restore it was set up. It now houses a collection of Second World War memorabilia

Du Cros Road
1 St. William of York. Roman Catholic Church. This was opened in 1960. It is in brick with a hall at the rear.

Elm Park
Stanmore College. Further Education College, set up in 1987 and originally Elm Park College

Honeypot Lane
The name is said to come from the sticky nature of the moist clay. It is a track from the pre-Roman period.
Brook - a stream flowed from sports ground to the Whitchurch Lane junction and met joined the Edgware Brook where there was a ford. This is now in a culvert
Amber House on the site of the Green Man pub. The final public house was built in the late 1930's . It has now been demolished and there is housing on the site. The previous establishment known locally as the 'Hog and Donkey'.
897 Conways 4
Honeypot Medical Centre and Library. Opened 1940  and designed Curtis and Burchett for Middlesex County Council. The library no longer functions.

Marsh Lane
Stanmore Gas Works, This was originally opened in 1858 as the Great Stanmore Gas Co. Ltd. It was built by a Mr. Penny on behalf of J.W. Chapman who also operated a works in harrow. It amalgamated with the Harrow works in 1894 as the Harrow and Stanmore Gas Co. whereupon it was closed. However it remained as a holder station and booster plant, and more modern holders were built.  It had no rail or water connection making the manufacture of coal gas difficult and coal had to be delivered in carts. The company operated a workers co-partnership scheme from 1912 .  A cottage at the gas works gate is listed and three holders remain.
Marsh Farm. First noted in 1520. The  fields were used as a tip for Marylebone rubbish until c.1920.
Stanmore Marsh. This was common land and was grazed by the livestock of commoners from both parishes. Great Stanmore and Little Stanmore. Today it is open land and an important site for nature conservation. There is grassland some of which is mown and some scattered trees in it. There is also woodland over a central mound and a copse around a seasonal pond. The Stanburn flows through a concrete channel in the north section and is lined with trees and shrubs,
Stanmore Chapel. An independent, Baptist, Evangelical church founded in 1932. Alfred Reed, an underground train driver, worked had a congregation of eight in the Old Barn, Old Church Lane and they became a church and he became the pastor. The church grew and funds were raised for the chapel which opened in 1937. They later built a hall and a manse, while Rev. Reed continued to work for the Underground.

Old Church Lane
30 Stanmore Cottage Hospital. This was opened in 1890 funded by two local ladies. In 1948 it joined the NHS and became an old people’s home and closed in 1980. It later became a residential care home for children
69 Stanburn House. New buildings on the site which included the Old Barn and was used as a Baptist Church

Wemborough Road
Sports Ground. 2 junior football pitches and 6 senior football pitches used by local clubs.
Whitchurch First and Middle Schools opened in 1992
Whitchurch Pavilion. Sports facility damaged by fire
Canon’s Hall - Canon’s Community Centre. Everything from ballroom dancing to racing pigeons.

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