Edgwarebury Brook - Edgwarebury

Edgwarebury Brook
The brook flows southwards and is joined by tributaries from the north west

Suburban area with evidence of its rural past and with remains of the abortive tube line to Elstree

Post to the north Edgwarebury

Edgwarebury Park
Edgwarebury Park covers an area which was once part of the manor of Earlsbury and there is evidence of the older landscape in fields and woodland – with ancient trees and hedgerows still in situ. Hendon Rural Distict Council and Middlesex County Council bought the land in 1929 and 1932. Edgwarebury Brook runs down the western side and the land slopes down towards it.

Pipers Green Lane
Previously called Green Lane, Piper’s Green probably refers to a farmhouse. The lane continues as a wooded footpath alongisd Edgwarebury golf course. The surrounding land belongs to All Souls College, Oxford. This is Newlands, a posh area alongside the lane and its closes.
Roman cremation burials were found here in 1953
Broomfield House. 19th house demolished
Newlands Grange. 19th house demolished.
Sports ground. replacing common land of Piper’s Green
Edgwarebury Golf Course

Watford Way
Edgware Roughs on which are the remaining brick piles of the never built Northern Line extension, It is also called Edgware Way Grassland and it is a flood storage area for the Environment Agency. Tributaries to the Edgwarebury Brook transverse it.  Used for boot sales.
Site of proposed Brockley Hill Station on the grassland north of the roundabout. The station was to have been on a twelve-arch brick viaduct, with two side platforms capable of handling 9 car trains. A service road would have run under the platforms bridged with a 55ft steel span. The booking office would have been alongside the road under the bridge with ladies toilet, waiting room and station masters office on the northbound platform and a porter’s office, gents toilet and waiting room on the south-bound platform. Under the arches would have been stores, a shop and stall, a left luggage office and telephones. It was planned to have a short service road leading off the Watford By-Pass to a row of shops.  This would have included lock up garages and a car park. There would have been bus stops on the by-pass.

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