Edgware Brook Canons

Edgware Brook
The Edgware Brook flows east and north
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Suburban area with playing fields and parks, and some light industry

Post to the north Little Stanmore

Bransgrove Avenue
Woodlands First and Middle School, Special School

Camrose Avenue
Camrose Baptist Church.  From 1934 people began to gather together regularly and Camrose Baptist Church in 1935 meeting in a wooden hut. The main church, was originally planned as the church hall, and opened in 1936. An extension was opened in 1976.
Chandos Recreation Ground. Named after the Duke of Chandos, this was laid out before the Second World War on a hillside. The original gates remain and there is a brick pavilion as well as sports facilities.

Dalston Gardens
Trading and light industrial buildings.  These have included a number of bodies involved in electronic research
2 Glen Spectra – specialise in equipment for light measurement and are part of Horoba Instruments. This is the UK division of International Japanese electronics co. This was set up in 1945 by Masao Horiba in Kyoto in order to continue nuclear physics research interrupted by Japan’s defeat in the war.
30 Aerofoam UAV Systems design and build launching systems for radio control sailplanes, EDFs and anything else that requires an assisted acceleration to reach flight velocity
Mictell Hillpress.  Bespoke electrical engineering set up in 1967 by Mick and Terry.
6 Zenith Radio Research (UK) UK division of heavy duty US electronic research organisation. On site in the 1970s
Clipsal. UK division of Australian electric accessories firm, now part of Shneider on site in the 1970s
Associated Electronic Engineers. 1940s research and manufacture of radio etc equipment on site in the 1940s

Honeypot Lane
Trading and industrial units on the east side
650 Stanmore Fire Station. Built 1960
498 Kempner Shrink-wrap materials. Equipment for shrink-wrapping
490 Olson House. Olson Electronics. Manufacture of PDU power distribution units
404 Honeypot Medical Centre

Prince Edward Playing Fields
Flood Storage Area for the Edgware Brook
The Hive.  Wealdstone Football Club needed a new ground, and a site was found at the Prince Edward Playing Fields which had fallen into disuse. The gates were locked due to lack of funding by the then owners, London Borough of Camden. Construction finally began in 2003, but the project began to be hindered by various problems and the building work was halted completely in 2004. By then the grounds had already been transformed with the pitches levelled and a new 3,000 capacity stadium nearly built. In 2006 Harrow Council put the unfinished ground up for tender and Barnet (professional) Football Cub won the bid – and with money has set it up at ‘The Hive’. Very unclear which Prince Edward it is named for or how Camden came to have it – presumably lobbed out to them when the GLC went down under Thatcher.
Hendon Sewage farm – marked as such alongside the Edgware Brook in the 1930s.

Roch Avenue
42 Rochdale Scouts Centre. This was originally All Saints Queensbury Church and after a new church was opened it became the headquarters of the 1st/6th Edgware Scout Group.

St David’s Drive
Little Stanmore Nursery, First and Middle School
Camrose Primary School. This school, for juniors and infants, opened in1931. Some children were initially taught in St. Lawrence's church hall and the remainder in a temporary wooden building in St. David's Drive. A senior department was opened as a separate school, but these later moved away, A there were plans for a new school building in 1970,

Shaldon Road
Canons High School. This was Downer Grammar School built in 1952. It was named after Thomas Downer, a 15th magistrate of Harrow. In 1974 it merged with Camrose Secondary Modern School. It had Technology College status in 2002 and in 2011 became a Science College.

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