Thames Tributaries – the Norbury Brook - Norbury Park

Thames Tributaries – the Norbury Brook feeding towards the River Wandle
The Norbury Brook continues to flow north and west

Post to the west Norbury
Post to the north Norbury Grove
Post to the south Thornton Heath

Ederline Avenue
Norbury Brook runs under it.

County Road
Clapham Old Xavarians Association Football ground. Playing fields acquired in 1903 for a Roman Catholic boys secondary school.

Dunbar Avenue
Norbury Brook runs under it

Green Lane
St. Oswald’s Parish Church
Green Lane Recreation ground – this had been the Gaumont Film Company sports ground and was bought by the council in 1948.

Kensington Avenue
Kensington Avenue Primary School
Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise Centre for Girls
Norbury Farm, demolished 1914, stood roughly near the site of the primary school. It was originally Norbury Manor, known to be here in 1229. It was essentially the northern manor of Croydon and also known as Northbury. Its area covered much of the present London Road and Thornton Heath. It belonged to the Carew’s of Beddington from 1385.

Manor Farm Road
‘Norbury’ means northern part of the manor
Norbury Brook runs under the road going west and then turns north to run parallel to it.

Norbury Avenue
Norbury Brook runs under it having turned northPumping Station

Norbury Crescent
Norbury Brook runs parallel and south of the road

Norbury Park
Norbury Brook runs through the south of the park hidden behind a fenceThe area of the Park was a golf course which the Council bought in 1935. Before that it was farm land owned by Pembroke College until the 1920s when the North Surrey Golf Course was built.

Northward Road
Welcome InnElectric station
Sunbeam Mission. Blue painted tin church.
Northwood Playground

Windsor Road
St James the Great Roman Catholic Primary School


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