Thames Tributaries – the River Graveney - Streatham Vale

Thames Tributaries – the River Graveney
The Graveney continues to flow westwards

Post to the north Streatham Vale
Post to the east Norbury

Abercairn Road
Streatham Vale Park . Built on the site of a brickfield

Chilmark Road
Stanford Primary School

Churchmore Road
Church Hall for Holy Redeemer in use for church premises.

Church Walk
St.Olave’s Church. This church took on the name and traditions of St.Olave’s Church in Southwark when that church was demolished in 1928 and a mission established here. Some of the internal furnishings come from the old church. The building was completed in the early 1930s in a Byzantine style in brick and concrete. There is a church hall and other buildings although some of the original land has been disposed of for new housing, and communications equipment on the tower has been welcomed.

Hawkhurst Road
The Graveney flows underneath it
Leonard Road
Streatham Vale Baptist Church
Lillian Road
Mitcham Mint Pub. Also called The Mint

Marian Road
Lonesome Mission of the Good Shepherd was here in a wooden shed plus open air evangelical meetings and was the first church building in the area.

Meopham Road
Clinic, closed

Ellhandia Care Centre

Rowan Road
Rowan High School. Girls’ secondary school opened 1930 by Surrey County Council now closed. Locally listed
1 caretaker’s house for Rowan Road School.
38th Mitcham Scout group area to the rear of the school
Rowan Road Recreation Ground
West End Shesed Varmash Jewish Cemetery. Typical Jewish design hall 'obel' tent and path down the centre, no trees, no flowers, many East London shopkeepers.
Streatham Park Cemetery and South London crematorium. Opened in the 1930s and includes a section for music hall artists. Will Hay buried here. There is also a commonwealth graves section and a war memorial.

Runneymede Avenue
The Graveney flows underneath it
Stockport Road
Woodmansterne Primary School

Sherwood Avenue
The Graveney flows underneath it

Streatham Vale
Holy Redeemer Church. Built early 1930s by Martin Travers. The building has problems and cannot be used

Woodmansterne Road
The river Graveney flows parallel to it to the north


Arthur said…
Is there a map of the course of the River Graveney? I'm not sure that I knew there was one! I'm interested because of the parallel with the name of the parish near Faversham - Graveney - which etymologists say means 'dug channel'. The parish borders a natural watercourse which may have been straightened at some time.
Edith said…
Yes - I have wondered about Graveney in Thanet in the past - in the back of my mind is a link with the Bec Monastry, but I am not sure.
I just followed the Graveney on a series of AZs and Ordnance Maps and then went out and looked for it.
Andy said…
Edith I find your website fascinating......

Edith said…
Thanks Andy - but I am finding it harder going as I move westwards. I will have a quick look at old Deptford next thing I do.
Dave Whitefield said…
Very interesting and may I make some observations. Between Streatham High Road (A23) and Streatham Vale (B272)the Graveney runs beneath the railway line and beneath three roads. They are Sherwood Avenue,Hawkhurst Road and Helmsdale Road. There are pronounced bumps in Hawkhurst Road and Helmsdale Road at the point where the river passes beneath.

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