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Browning Road
St.Barnabas church. Anglican parish church which originated with an iron church on the site of the current vicarage built in 1896.  The current church was built in 1900-9 and designed by William Bucknall & Ninian Comper. It set back from the road. Inside is a pulpit with field ceiling 17th brought from Rayleigh, Essex and a stained glass window, by Comper. It was restored in 2016. In the 1970s Crisis at Christmas was planned here and the church was used as a night shelter.

East Avenue 
Trinity Community Centre. This was Trinity church which began in the 1890s when Alexander Thompson, began to hold Presbyterian meetings.  A site was bought in East Avenue, and in 1900 an iron church was built. In 1903 a permanent church was built with a free Gothic front in red brick, with a short tower designed by John Wills. In 1905 halls were added by T.J. Jones.   In 1941 the church was joined by the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian church from which it took over the name Trinity. Church. It closed in 1972 because of low attendance and the building became a community centre.  At first it was run by a Christian charity, but later a Management Committee was established which was independent of all religious groups. It now houses a mixture of its own projects and independent groups
Great War memorial on the front wall.

High Street North
395 The Renewal Programme. This charity dates from 1971 and was originally set up by Christian churches to counter deprivation. A number of other bodies working in the community are also in this large building. This was Manor Park Congregational Church, the Church of Christ. This dated from 1897 with an iron church in Coleridge Avenue. In 1904 a new church plus a hall, was opened in High Street North 1903 by G. and R.P Baines.  In building this the congregation incurred a debt of over £5,500, and only saved the church with donations
386 Ruskin Arms.  This large pub dates from the 1880s and reopened in 2013 with a new cheap hotel to the rear, It had previously put on three decades of local Rock and Heavy Metal music, and was the 'Home' of IRON MAIDEN. The pub was also once run by the parents of Small Faces' original keyboard player, Jimmy Langwith, and Steve Marriott's father Bill used to run a fish stall opposite
361 Plashet Jewish cemetery. Founded 1896. This is now an unattended cemetery, looked after from East Ham/Marlow Road by the North East London office of the United Synagogue Burial Society. The former entrance lodge is now hidden behind a 6 foot fence and is no longer in cemetery use. The only greenery is an avenue of small, pollarded chestnut trees which line the main path. The cemetery suffered serious vandalism in 2003 when 386 tombstones were vandalised.
272 Sri Mahalakshmi Temple. The Temple was built in 1989 and was consecrated in 1990.
266 Newham Central  Mosque. Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre Anjuman-e-Islamia has been spreading the light of the Quran and Sunnah since the 1980's. It was one of the first and is still the largest Jamia Mosque in Newham.
266 The Picture Coliseum opened in 1912 and was designed by F.W. Buen. It was entered through a shop with the auditorium at the back, In 1937 it was operated by Sir John Bethel, and it was closed in 1943.  In the 1990’s it was re-furbished and converted into a Mosque
241 London Sri Mahalakshmi Temple. This is newly built on the site of an old pub in Plashet Grove to replace the previous temple which had become to small.
East Ham Station. Opened in 1858 this lies between Barking and Upton Park Stations on the District and Hammersmith and City Lines. It was Built by the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway for trains running between to Bow and Barking.  In 1895 a special bay platform was used for Midland trains from St Pancras via Blackhorse Road.  In 1902 it was first used by underground trains and became the terminus from 1905 and from 1908 trains ran on to Barking. The station was rebuilt for the District Line. There is a red brick bridge frontage and well preserved platform canopies with good ironwork incorporating the LTS monogram. In 1905 the District Line was electrified.  In 2005 the 19th ironwork was refurbished.

Kensington Avenue
Kensington Avenue Primary School. Kensington Avenue board school was opened in 1901. It was reorganized in 1929 for senior girls, junior girls, and infants, in 1945 for junior mixed and infants, and in 1957 for junior mixed only.  It is now an ‘academy’ in the Tapscott ‘Learning Trust’.

Lathom Road
Lathom Junior School. Lathom Road board school was opened in 1898. It was reorganized in 1932 for junior boys, junior girls, and infants, in 1945 for junior boys and junior girls only, in 1953 for junior mixed and infants, and in 1959 for juniors only.

Plashet Grove
Plashet School. This is a girls’ secondary school. It is in two buildings on opposite sides of Plashet Grove, linked by Plashet Unity Bridge since 2000. The school dates to 1932 when the East Ham Grammar School for Girls first opened on the South site.. In 1953, the North site was built for Plashet County Secondary Modern School for Girls. The two schools became Plashet School in 1972
171 Burnell Arms. Pub burnt down and now replaced by a Hindu Temple. .the pub dated from the 1890s and had a recent reputation as a rockabilly pub.

Rosebery Avenue
Gurdwara Dasmesh Darba. Thus is in what was St.Barnabas church hall which the Sikh community purchased in the mid 1970's. The original building has now been extended and various new area developed. The building is predominately on 1 floor with some facilities on the first floor.

Tennyson Avenue
Methodist Church which originated about 1894. 1947 it was transferred from the Forest Gate circuit to the East Ham mission, and it was closed about 1948

Woodhouse Grove
The road runs alongside Plashet Park (in the square to the west)

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