Post to the east skirting Cane Hill

Court Hill
Gated road!

Great Soloms Wood

Holly Lane
Car Park. This serves the Banstead Woods Nature Reserve and an interpretation centre is included at the start of nature trails. There is also a Narnia trail here with a wardrobe to walk though.

Outwood Lane.
Chipstead Valley Bourne. A bourne is an inrermittent stream, this one flowed down the lane and continued past the Woodmansterne water treatment works, though the wells there are not directly related.
Sutton and East Surrey Water Works Pump House., Pumping Station with a neo-Georgian Pumphouse built in 1907 for two gas engines by Sutton District Water Co. It is now being considerably upgraded – this is a large site with a much equipment for the extraction and treatment of fresh water
Library – this stood on the corner with Court Hill but was demolished in 1996.

Solom’s Court  Road
Another gated road
Soloms Court House built in 1906 by Guy Dawber in free Tudor style. It is now divided into two.

Stagbury Avenue
The Bourne, This used to flow under the old Stagbury House in Outwood Lane, family seat of the Walpole family. It was said that there was a trapdoor in the cellar beneath which the Bourne could be seen. The house was pulled down in 1968 and town houses with the same name were built.

Station Approach
Chipstead Station. This station was opened as Chipstead and Banstead Downs in 1897 when the line opened between Purley and  Kingswood.  It was built in a domestic revival style with three dormer windows. It lies now between Kingswood and Woodmansterne Stations on Southern Rail. The station buildings are no longer used having been sold off for housing in the mid-late 1990s,
Goods yard cut out of the valley slope at the London end. This is now a car park/
Chipstead Bourne. This used to flood the cellars of the shops in Station Parade but additional culverts have dealt with this

Water Mead
New housing built on an area once part of the water works

Chipstead Village. Web site
Reigate and Banstead Council. Web site
Surrey Industrial History
Pevsner. Surrey
Surrey and Sutton Water Company.Web site


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