Abingdon Way
Houses on the site of Orpington Secondary Modern School. Some trees in the area were planted at the opening of the school

Charterhouse Road
Orpington Secondary Modern for Boys. Later it was Charterhouse Secondary School. It dated from 1936 and was Orpington’s first secondary school.  It was demolished in 1987 and replaced with Abingdon Way and its tributary streets.
Charterhouse playground. Park and children;s play area
Christ Church. The church dates from 1939 designed by W. A. Pite Son & Fairweather. On the front wall a mosaic of the Tree of Life was installed for the 75th anniversary of its foundation.

Crown Close
Coal tax post. This is south west and alongside of the railway by the rear fence of No15, this is not easily viewable.

Edgewood Drive
Foxbury Wood and Glentrammon Recreation Ground, This area, pre development, was in Chelsfield Parish as Upper Beeches and Lower Beeches or Upper Ash Field and Lower Ash Field. The land belonged to Glentrammon Park Estates and then to a Mr. Gill, Seven years after he died the land is designated as a ‘recreation ground’.

Station Approach
Chelsfield Station. Opened in 1868 this lies between Knockholt and Orpington Stations on on South Eastern Trains. It was built on what was the South Eastern new main line between Chiselhurst and Tonbridge; it was then almost a mile from the actual village. The current station building dates from the 1970s when its timber predecessor was burnt down.

Warren Road
Skew Bridge over the railway. This is in brick
153a Coal tax post in the front garden

Windsor drive
1 The Chelsfield pub. This was previously called the Heavy Horse. Large estate style pub
27a Methodist Church. The church originated in a "Tin Tabernacle" in Orpington..In 1933 what is now the church hall was built here and the church itself built in 1952.
Chelsfield Centre. Community centre

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