London Surrey border Hurst Park

The Surrey/London Boundary carries on up the middle of the river

Post to the west Hampton and West Molesey and Platt's Eyot
Post to the south East Molesey

This post covers only sites south of the river. North of the river is Hampton

South Bank - Surrey, Elmbridge

Hurst Park
Hurst Park Racecourse
boxing previously. Now a housing estate. Wates 1962 onwards. Hurst Park Racecourse at one time was provided with electricity from the Immisch charging plant on the Island.
Old People’s Homes 1967
Hurst Park Primary School. 1965 neat
Hurst Park Open Space.

River Thames

Taggs Island
Used by gypsies 1907
Karsino - used by Fred Karno
Small colonies of bungalows and houseboats Thames Guidelines. Bridge to it from the shore, flat, small scale colourful. Was Walnut Tree Island, no evidence Tagg moved there from Platt’s Eyot.
Motor factory for AC

Garrick’s Ait

This work has been compiled over many years and from many sources - clearly The Buildings of England has been very helpful for the posher houses of this section.


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