Fulwell Cross & Fairlop Station

Post to the north Hainault

Post to the south Barkingside

Post to the east Fairlop Plain

Colvin Gardens
Fairlop Primary School. The school opened in temporary huts on the field in 1929. The foundation tablet for the present school was unveiled in 31st 1933. The school was designed by L.E.J. Reynolds, Architect to the Ilford Education Committee, and J.F.A Cavanagh, Senior Architectural Assistant for Schools. It is of the type which was practised consistently for interwar suburban schools

Fairlop Oak
Fairlop is named after the Fairlop Oak – which probably stood near Fairlop Waters in the square to the east. In 1951 a tree, called the 'new Fairlop Oak' was planted on the green at Fulwell Cross.

Fairlop Road
State Cinema. This was opened by Cumberland Cinemas Ltd. in 1938. It had entrances on both Fairlop and Fullwell roads; there was a cafe/ballroom and two car-parks. It was designed by George Coles with sweeping corners and concealed lighting. It has a tall, streamlined rectangular tower, a lower drum and with the sides of the auditorium exposed to the street. Inside was a circular foyer with ironwork balustrades and in the auditorium, a coved ceiling and half columns along the wall.  By 1940, it had been taken over by Kessex Cinemas, but in 1940 it was bomb damaged, closed and then requisitioned by the War Office for a store. In 1948 Associated British Cinemas re-opened it as the ABC State but without the cafe/ballroom. In 1964 it was renamed the ABC Barkingside and closed in 1972 to be converted into part bingo use. A cinema opened in the balcony area and the stalls were used for bingo. The cinema closed in 1976 but re-opened as the Ace-State Cinema in 1978 with a second screen in the old ballroom.  This closed in 1984 and the area has never been used since.  The bingo continues.
Mossford Green Primary School. The school was founded in 1952.

Fencepiece Road
Fairlop Junior and Infants schools were set up here in 1929. Fairlop Council School was then built and opened in 1933. It comprised Fairlop Infants School, Fairlop Junior School, Fairlop Secondary School Girls, Fairlop Secondary School, Boys. A new building was provided for the seniors in 1935. In 1945 the school was re-organized, the seniors being formed into secondary schools and Fairlop County Secondary School for Girls was on this site by 1961, while the boys had moved elsewhere.
New Rush Hall School. ThIs is in the building previously used as the Girls Secondary School. The New Rush Hall School is a day special school for children and young people aged 5 to 16 years who have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. This is in part of the Fairlop Schools
Redbridge Music Service. This is based in the John Savage centre, and is a lead partner within the North East London Music Education Hub. Redbridge Music Service has nurtured many talented young musicians, some of whom have gone on to become professional musicians. It is in part of the Fairlop Schools
Fairlop Evangelical Church, in the old church hall of S. Francis of Assisi.  It was originally Fairlop Gospel Hall which opened in 1934.
St Francis of Assisi. This is a Church of England church in the Catholic tradition. Services have been held in the Parish since February 1934 and rhea the first service was held in the waiting room of Hainault Station. In 1938, two halls were built in Fencepiece Road. In 1956, the current church opened as a brick building designed by J. J. Crowe.
Oakfield Playing Field. The 24 hectare site comprises four cricket squares and eleven football pitches. It includes the Jack Carter Pavilion. Frenford Clubs had been founded in 1928 founded by Jack Carter and by 1930, was sports and social club meeting in Ilford. Having moved several times in 1995 Jack Carter signed an agreement with the London Borough of Redbridge to lease a 19-acre sports ground at Oakfield, Barkingside. This site opened in 1998 as the Jack Carter Pavilion.
The Maypole. The original Maypole pub stood on the site which is now Fullwell Cross Medical Centre. It moved to its present site to the north in Fencepiece Road in the early 1930's
New Fairlop Oak. Wetherspoons pub in what was the former post office.  Named after the oak tree planted on the green at Fullwell Cross, in 1951,

Forest Road
Redbridge Sports Centre. This opened in 1972.  There are various others on site including the Old Parkonians
Fairlop Station. This opened in 1903 and lies between Barkingside and Hainault on the Central Line. It was built as a main line railway station by the Great Eastern Railway. Because of Ilford’s growth Great Eastern built the Fairlop Loop between Seven Kings and main line to Ongar.  Plans were made in the 1930s to turn this into an underground station and in 1948 it was taken over by London Transport to become a station on the Central Line. It remains a fine Edwardian station with lavish passenger accommodation and toilets. It has canopies that still bear the "GER" symbol in the bracketry.
Goods Yard with a cattle dock and a sidings.
Railway Cottages for the staff. Semi detached garden city style and opposite the station.
Station master's house – detached villa with a pillared porch and large garden. Opposite the station
Kantor King Solomon High School. This is is a Modern Orthodox Judaism comprehensive school. It was opened in 1993. In November 2016, the school was formally renamed Kantor King Solomon High School after donations from Dr Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress.

Fremantle Road
Barkingside Methodist Church. Built in 1958 by Francis Lumley. With a red brick tower. It has recently been reordered.

Fulwell Cross
A roundabout which may have been the site of a field owned by Barking Abbey which became known as ‘Fulwell Hatch’.  Middle English hache means the gate' once giving access to Hainault Forest.
New Fairlop Oak was planted in The Green in 1951 and stands in the centre of the roundabout.  Part of the Festival of Britain celebrations.

Fulwell Avenue
Clore Tikva School. This is a Jewish voluntary aided nursery, infant and junior school. It is in modern premises, completed in 2000,

High Street
140 Fulwell Cross Library.  This was opeme in 1968 and designed by Frederick Gibberd, Coombes & Partners in association with H.C. Connell, Borough Architect. It is sixteen sided and circular with a raised centre dome,
140 Fulwell Cross Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool. This was opened in 1968 and designed by Frederick Gibberd, Coombes & Partners in association with H.C. Connell, Borough Architect. Sports complex offering a 25m swimming pool with diving boards, modern gym and aerobics classes.

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