M25 Upshirebury

Post to the south Upshire Honey Lane
Post to the west Ninefields Estate
Post to the east Crown Hill

Blind Lane
A green pathway between trees and hedges

Green Lane
A green pathway between hedges which eventually crosses the motorway. Road names are confusing and on some maps the section crossing the motorway and continuing to Upshire is marked as Woodredon Farm Lane.
Potkiln Wood. There is a remnant pottery site in the wood
Green Lane Bungalows

Horseshoe Hill
Sergeants Green
Upshirebury Green
Copthall Green School. This is marked on maps of the 1870 and annotated as ‘licenced for divine worship”.  The building continues marked as a school until the Second World War.
Home for Feeble Minded Boys (John Nicks). This was set up here in the late 19th by the National Society for Promoting the Welfare of the Feeble – Minded under the auspices of the Charity Organisation Society. Boys were ‘trained’ in cookery and farming, being sent to work on local farms. The reference to ’John Nicks’ in the name is unexplained. The site is also not clear.
Pellew House (site not clear).This was used by Barnardos as a reception centre for small children during the Second World War.
The Bury. This large house is said to be an old farmhouse, It is also said to have originally been a timber buld mediaeval house, faced with brickwork  in the 18th and further extended in the 20th.

A footpath takes Green Lane across the motorway

Oxleys Wood
Ancient woodland managed by the City Corporation

Rugged Lane
A green pathway

Sergeants Green Lane
A green pathway

Southend Lane

Woodgreen Road
Woodgreen Potteries. ‘This was G & A Tuck Waltham Abbey Pottery’. This was founded in 1830 by H.F.Walker, and later managed by Geo. Symondson, and, in 1908 taken over by George & Arthur Tuck. They made 21 different sizes of flower pots, roof tiles and bricks and were apparently connected with Monkhams Brickfield.
The Potteries Industrial Estate. On the site of the Woodgreen Potteries

Woodredon Road
Woodredon  House . This is a large gabled building north-west of the farm and dates from 1889.  It is currently a care home.

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Children’s Homes Web site
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Pevsner and Cherry.  Essex
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