M25 Potters Bar interchange

Post to the west Potters Bar
Post to the south Enfield Chase
Post to the east Potters Bar

Barnet Road
Potters Bar Community Hospital. This opened in 1995, replacing the Hospital in Mutton Lane.  In 2005 a new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre opened, the first of its kind in Hertfordshire.  The Hospital was then able to provide new services – and a new operating theatre opened for cataract surgery, with staff seconded from Moorfields Eye Hospital. In 2006 because of a deficit 15 beds were closed and the empty ward space used as offices. The Hospital is still operational.
Priory Hospital. This is a fee paying facility and is a 50-bedded inpatient unit.
National School. This was built in 1839. This was built at the expense of the vicar of St. John's Church on land given by George Byng. It was in brick building wth 3 schoolrooms and a teacher's house. It was maintained by voluntary contributions and school money bad after 1870, parliamentary grants. When subsidence under the premises was discovered in 1872 the school moved to Southgate Road. The site of the old school is now a grass verge at the corner of Barnet Road and Hill Rise.

High Street
19 Cask and Stillage Pub. This was previously called The White Horse. It is an early 18th building.

Hill Rise
Potters Bar Spiritualist Church. Spiritualist meetings were originally held in the Co-operative Hall, in Darkes Lane, for several years. The room was reached by climbing an outside iron staircase, which was very dangerous. In 1952 various things happened and one day there was no one to organise things. In time the Co-operative Hall was needed and they managed to rent a top room in an old house called 'Elm Court ‘with just the loan of some chairs. They then spent a lot of time fundraising.  They took on a building previously used by a building firm and raised a loan to buy it. It was dedicated in 1964.

Junction 24. The motorway here interchanges principally with the A111 between Potters Bar and Cockfosters. The first section of what was then to be the outer ring roads began in 1973 was between South Mimms and Potters Bar in Hertfordshire and t opened in September 1975. It was initially called the A1178. The section from Potters Bar to the Dartford Tunnel was constructed between 1979 and 1982

Southgate Road
Abbey House. This is on the site of the Blue Star Garage which was an art deco demolished in 1985. Blue Star replaced Greyhound Garages in 1938
St. Francis Xavier Church. This was a temporary catholic church built in 1925 which served as the Parish Church. In 1845 it was demolished by a V2 and 21 people were killed. The site is now housing
School. St. Johns Junior National School was moved here in 1872 following subsidence at the site in Barnet Road.

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